The Slurpee Solution

“Let’s do a show tonight Mom!”

Never a dull moment at our house. This surprise Saturday night request ended up being a “processing” of how my son felt about his school being closed for the rest of the school year  due to a graffiti gun violence threat.

The Slurpee Solution:


Disclaimer: My son and I need to process tough stuff in our unique way and I did not want to overly traumatize him about revisiting the Uvalde Victims to trigger fear in him after his school got shut down for gun threats on Thursday for the rest of the year.

I intentionally lightly addressed it and shifted attention to the positive. Please listen to the thoughtful show Jake Myers and I did this week that is geared towards adults only.

Sending love to all of you.


The Mindful Pivot: Prayers for the Uvalde Victims and One Humanity