Falsely Accused-Thriving in a Social Media Ban:On Staying Sane

With Elon Musk’s recent billion dollar acquisition of Twitter and his belief of freedom of speech this ignited this deep dive discussion today and Dr. Denise’s personal experience with the lack of integrity of the current platform.

Social media is important to many of us, whether it be a way to find like-minded individuals or a platform to elevate your business and brand.  Now imagine suddenly getting banned — with no explanation and no recourse!

This episode of Dr. Denise’s “On Staying Sane” podcast has a ton of reveals.  You’ll hear about the emotions of being falsely accused and how to alchemize when something you’ve grown and tended gets taken away.   Learn about sovereignty over your own mind space and just what is a Spiritual Chokehold.  Don’t worry, it’s not as vicious as it sounds!

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