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The Mindful Pivot: Prayers for the Uvalde Victims and One Humanity with Jake Myers

“We don’t want to get numb.” Steve Kerr Sacred Pause. (DEEP BREATH) Love and compassion is BEing sent to the loved ones, community and family members of the Uvalde Texas victims. The unimaginable tragedy of the Uvalde Texas school shooting has left US all with feelings of grief, disbelief, sadness, hopelessness and a sense of […]

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Ukraine & Those Pushy News Apps, Is It Okay to Check out?

With cable news buzzing about the very latest in what’s happening on the border of Ukraine and Russia, some of us might be asking ourselves, is it acceptable not to care?  Dr. Denise and Cathleen tackle the question of how much news to consume, when to listen and when to tune out.  Dr. Denise introduces […]

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