Next Phase IS Here!

As a mom and child psychiatrist I can say that our children need us now more than ever.
The temptations, easy access via internet & opportunities for fast track behavior is rampant.
The social hierarchies and complex online landscapes makes it very important to “be in the know” and truly connect and talk with your child or teen.
I have strategically prioritized my decisions, schedule, time investments and saying NO to personal and professional opportunities to BE a present parent.
“Protect your brain” Is one way of talking to your child about making good choices mentally and physically.
An authoritative parenting style, not authoritarian is one with KIND, yet FIRM limits.
Explaining your WHY for rules and boundaries coupled with taking interest & quality time goes a long way for the connection.
I have almost 25 years in practice as a child psychiatrist in my community with listening to feelings and concerns of our youth.
It is ALOT to navigate.
The depression & anxiety rates, substance use, social and academic challenges are alarming in my community and globally.
Prioritize your child, if you can be the one to pick or drop them off from school (this is when they spill the beans) do it.
Be AHEAD of their next developmental shift (ask questions, educate, an encourage open dialogue).
Real LIfe:
We had three gun threats at my son’s school in the last 18 months.
Have an open dialogue, attend school safety meetings & be a voice at home and a vehicle for change in your community.
Talk feelings, solutions, & educate your child on mental health and relationships.
If you are weak in any area get a mentor, coach, family member or counselor to fill in the gaps.
Learn the TEEN Talk.
Say your sorry if you are wrong.
Engage your child and know which social media outlets, games & influencers are resonating with them & why (even if you are not a fan).
Have a great holiday weekend everyone.
Dr. Denise