Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Ben Ahrens

What an honor to kick off May 2022, Mental Health Awareness Month, with such an inspirational guest, Ben Ahrens!

Ben is a chronic illness recovery expert, TEDx Speaker, Neuroplasticity coach, and Co-founder of re-origin.

The power of belief, science of small wins, hope, healing and Ben’s unique journey of wellness that ignited his passion for sharing his wisdom of “self directed neuroplasticity” is on the lineup for today’s “Embrace Your Neurostyle”episode.

Tune in for tips, tools and more on brain resiliency, flow and getting unstuck:

Ben Ahrens:

I’m absolutely passionate about healing, recovery, and human optimization – and how people can take control of their own mental/physical health in the simplest of ways by using the most sophisticated tool they already possess – the human brain. I’ve been a high-performance athlete as well as chronically ill & bed-bound for years on end. After my “miraculous recovery” I traveled the globe and worked for 8 years (as executive vice president at Innovative Medicine) seeking out and studying with the best medical, neuroscience, and human performance experts. I’ve spent every waking moment for the past two decades exploring the boundaries of our potential – and what I found is astonishing: When you learn to access the control panel of your mind, the potential for healing is limitless! And the best part is, everyone can tap into it. – Let me show you and your audience how…