On Staying Sane: Love Your Way – Everyday

On this episode of the Dr. Denise Show, Dr. Denise and Cathleen examine the different ways people love.   From the five love languages to scavenger hunts to communicating about playful romance the message is: you get to love in a way that honors yourself and that is respectful to others.  Lazy in Love?  Dr. Denise talks about how to challenge yourself, spice it up and incorporate a multi-sensory approach to love.

Self-love and positive self-talk play prominently as the team discusses teaching about love in parenting.    We learn about the term Strategically Single and some of the factors to consider when deciding whether to couple up.  We talk about shhhhhhhh, Shush Time, and the benefits of a mindful pause in relationships.

Questions to ponder:  “Did you feel respected?  How can I help you?  What do you need?  How can I be there for you?”

Simply stated — Love Your Way… Everyday!

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Jail Your EX

Sacred Sexuality


Languages of Love 

Owning Your INNER Mrs. Robinson