Reclaiming the Sacred by Jeff Golden, Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

I AM grateful beyond words for this interview with author Jeff Golden.

I love the science meets spirit meets psychology integration of content that is academic, personal and inspirational in his prolific masterpiece Reclaiming the Sacred Healing Our Relationships with Ourselves and the World.

It was birthed after a reverent twelve year gestational period and is the grand prize winner Nautilus Book Awards.

“Drawing on the work of thousands of psychologists and economists, cosmologists and activists, saints and poets, Reclaiming the Sacred grounds us in our inherent joy, purpose and belonging, both for our own sakes and the sakes of all the people, plants, and creatures here with us.” -Jeff

Did you know that only 2-4% of our happiness is our material wealth? Mythbusting facts, statements and discussions are eloquently interwoven throughout the pages in a way that invites the reader to go on a journey of wondrous self reflection.

Jeff and I do a deep dive on the book with vulnerable shares and invite you to join us and think about what reclaiming your sacred means for you.

Listen here:


Jeff Golden has been teaching and writing about these topics for over thirty years, most recently at Vassar College. He was a Fulbright Scholar in sustainable development and a recipient of the State Department’s Millennium International Volunteer Award. He is a prison reform and animal rights activist, and has headed several nonprofits promoting social justice, sustainability, and international education. A native of Idaho, he resides in the Mohicanituk Valley in New York, with his children, the river, and the stars.


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