On Staying Sane: It’s Okay Not to Be Okay. We’re In this Together.

The world needs help.  Weve just seen the death of TV news personality/Miss USA Cheslie Kryst of suicide.  Its news that certainly can be triggering for some.  In this weeks podcast, Dr. Denise talks about the days, weeks and months she spends helping souls to stay on this planet.   Youll learn about Mindful Ingestion” of troubling news, how to cope with it and alchemize it.  Cathleen talks about how the news media handles the coverage of suicide and asks Dr. Denise about the copycat phenomenon of taking ones life.  Hear about Dr. Denisegrab and go” philosophy and her Name It to Claim It” technique that can pay off at your home, your office or in the world around you.

The episode takes a close look at suicide and we wanted to provide information about the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and a new nationwide number that will be available to every phone in the United States.

 The episode might be for you… or someone you love:

The Life Line 

It’s Ok to Not Be Ok

Jacqueline Basulto