Champion Mindset Series with Elite Tennis Coach, Visionary, and Co-Founder of Healthy Referral Network Tom Katovsky

It is an honor to welcome Thomas Katovsky to the Champion Mindset Series! The divine timing and resonance birthed this meeting and interview. Tom is truly a humble pioneer in integrative health and wellbeing as an elite tennis coach, visionary and co-founder of Healthy Referral Network!

Listen and BE inspired:

Thomas Katovsky
Health and Healing Journey
  • eczema since 3 yrs old
  • Cleve Clinic, University Hospitals, Duke Medical
  •  lecture at tennis conf on changing ot vegan diet over 30 yrs ago
  • stopped eating all animal products
  • 99% plant based diet, may 1 or 2 x a month wild salmon for the omegas,
  • started healthy referral newspaper in 89 with Marchia Carnicelli Minor, who has been our radio host
  • Mind Your Body and Spirit since early 90’s with over 400 interviews including Gandhi’s grandson, Patch Adams, MD and Christopher Hills, PhD pioneer in algae and spirulina research for the hunger issue
  • continued healthy referral since 89 and the radio show
  • selling unique health products such as biolumina spirulina, relax sauna, light beam generator based on Tesla’s work, Teslar watch, polymva developed for the immune system and cancer support over 30 yrs ago. Non toxic
  • published book Preventive Health Report 5 top doctors that contribute to Healthy Referral on Virus and Vitamin C IV, heart, cancer, anti aging and gut health/immune system