Dalai Lama’s Men Tsee Khang’s (Tibetan Medical Society) 2018 Body Mind Life Conference

I just returned from India and I can honestly say I feel like I won “The Universe Lottery!”

Words cannot encapsulate the essence of the experience of speaking from a Western perspective on “Nurturing a Child’s Mental Health” at the Dalai Lama’s Men Tsee Khang’s 8thBody Mind Life conference.  Wisdom of ancient and modern science was exchanged and the students challenged the scholars with enlightening questions.

“The Body, Mind and Life Department of Men-Tsee-Khang was initially established in 2013. As envisioned by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the aim of establishing this department is to strive for providing better health care in the field of mental health for integrating the essence of various ancient and modern cultural heritages.”~ Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute of H.H. the Dalai Lama Introduction

Do you know how amazing it is to sit amongst scholars from all different medical and cultural backgrounds? It is truly humbling.

As I write this I actually have tears of joy as the vibration of the other speakers is still felt:

Geshema Tenzin Lhadon-Rank Holder of 2016 Geshema Examinations~ Buddhist Psychology Perspective

Tenzin Yanki-Oral Astro consultant at Men-Tsee-Khang Head Office~ Tibetan Astro-science Perspective

Dr.Sakshi SharmaM.D.- Research Officer at Central Ayurveda Research Institute, New Delhi~ Ayurveda Perspective

Dr. Yeshi Dorjee M.D.-CMO Men-Tsee-Khang McLeod Branch Clinic~ Tibetan Medical Perspective

Dr. Subbas Singh M.D.-Head of Department of Organon of Medicine National Institute of Homeopathy Medicine, Kolkata~ Homeopathic Medical Perspective

Dr. Mohammad Anas M.D.-Assistant Professor of Unani Medicine at Aligarh Muslim University~ Unani Medical Perspective

Dr. PadmaPriya Ranganath M.D.- President of Center of Traditional Medicine, Chennai~Siddha Medicine Perspective

Here is the description of my talk that was given:

“Children’s mental health is one of the most important topics to be discussing as ONE HUMANITY. Did you know that 50% of life long mental health issues start before age 14, and 75% before age 24?

Awareness and self- love set the stage for inner peace and healthy mindset. When individuals thrive WE all thrive.

Dr. Denise McDermott will discuss the importance of children’s mental health as a foundation of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Dr. Denise will discuss the core elements of what she believes are essential for our children to evolve and thrive.

The Western Medicine approach of biological, psychological and social psychiatric assessment will be discussed. The importance of including input from family, teachers and other professionals to help children to achieve optimal mental health will be strongly emphasized. It truly takes a village to raise a healthy child.

Did you know that psychiatrist in greek means, “Dr. of the Soul?” Traditionally in Western Medicine psychiatric training an emphasis of material science is championed. Dr. Denise values this and wants to take the discussion one step further on how she approaches a discussion of soul while working with her patients.

Dr. Denise believes that a practice of meditation, healthy diet and regular fitness are key elements to include in a holistic health plan. Teaching our children to have compassion for themselves and others is paramount for integrated well-being.

With gratitude and humility Dr. Denise is honored to be a part of Men Tsee Khang’s 8thBody Mind Life conference along side scholars and healers in this crucial discussion of “Children’s Mental Health.” “

My presentation was well received, words of  “Good job” came from His Holiness M.D. that was moderating my talk.

I integrated material science with post-material science to truly bridge the East meets West discussion on nurturing children’s mental health!


Awareness and Self Love set the stage for a positive mindset and a thrive lifestyle!

Meditation is mind medicine.

Nutrition is mind medicine.

Exercise is mind medicine.

80-90% of the choices we make (our thoughts, intentions and actions) influence gene expression to allow our physical and mental health to thrive! Epigenetics! The science of self empowerment.

Adequate sleep is essential for mental health!

Positive peer relations allows for a child to thrive!

Authoritative parenting- Kind, firm and approachable parenting creates a positive interaction between yourself and your child!

When individuals thrive WE all thrive!

Self love and a desire to give back to humanity allows for a “One Love” “One Humanity” environment that creates ripples of wellbeing for ALL!

Tashi Dalek to ALL!


Dr. Denise