Meet Business Strategist and High Performance Coach Rasa Disalvo!

Let’s celebrate one another!

Cheers to all of you lovely ladies on international women’s day.

Pick up the phone, text a lovely lady in your life and connect with gratitude and reverence honoring the divine feminine.

That is exactly what my inner voice said to do when I was swimming, “Ask Rasa to do an interview on International Women’s Day!”

She said “YES!”

With $100 in her pocket and duffle bags in hand this beautiful soul landed at O’Hare airport from Lithuania to realize her dreams BEYOND her IMAGINATION.

Are you ready to BE inspired?

Listen here:


Rasa DiSalvo is a transformational teacher, high performance coach, business consultant, real estate investor and beach volleyball and surfing loving mamma of Thomas (5) and Aria (3). Her mission is to unlock human potential and show people how to access their highest power that lives within them in order to create the career and life they desire, excel at what they do, and live their purpose every day.

Rasa has coached athletes, corporate executives, and CEOs across the globe guiding them to achieve outstanding results. She is a sought out speaker and has streamed many live webinars about living a purposeful life.

Prior to starting her own businesses, Rasa competed for Lithuania’s national volleyball team, played on a professional beach volleyball tour, and worked for 15 years as a Strategy & Transaction Consultant where she led multi-million dollar projects and assessed the value of multi-billion dollar companies. Throughout her career as a consultant, Rasa has trained and led numerous high performing teams as well as led various initiatives to drive authentic leadership and promote women into leadership roles.

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IG: @Rasa.Disalvo

Books referenced:

You are the Placebo

Super Synchronicity