Meet Dr. Janet Cox of Synapse

We are living at unprecedented times and need resources and hope to deal with the substance use and mental health crisis we are facing as a society.

“COVID-19 has directly claimed tens of thousands of U.S. lives, but conditions stemming from the novel coronavirus — rampant unemployment, isolation and an uncertain future — could lead to 75,000 deaths from drug or alcohol abuse and suicide, new research suggests.” ~CBS News.

It is an honor to interview integrative psychologist, Dr. Janet Cox of Synapse this week so we can tackle this topic head on with hope, compassion and solutions.

Listen here:

Janet Cox, Ph.D.

Dr. Janet Cox, of Synapse (, is a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of Georgia with over 27 years of experience in the area of substance use disorders and other co-existing mental health disorders.  During her extensive professional career, Dr. Cox has worked as a solo practitioner, as well as, being the Director of Psychological Services for over a decade with a large professional group of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers overseeing an inpatient, Dual Diagnosis Unit in a local, psychiatric hospital. She has also been the Chief Psychologist for a national hospital providing psychotherapies and psychological evaluations to both adolescents and adults in an inpatient chemical recovery program. More recently, she was the Clinical Director for a long-term, residential treatment facility in Atlanta for over three years providing holistic services to adolescent, young adult and adult clients.

Dr. Cox has worked with diverse populations using a variety of clinical specialties and treatment modalities.  She is certified in clinical hypnosis and Reiki.  In addition to substance use disorders, Dr. Cox’s other specializations include abuse/survivor issues, personality disorders, eating disorders, behavioral medicine, sport psychology and psychological testing and evaluations.

Dr. Cox received her Ph.D. in Leadership, Management and Counseling Psychology followed by a two-year Post Doctorate track in Clinical Psychology, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology all from Georgia State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Social Psychology from East Tennessee State University. She performed a Post-doctoral Fellowship in Behavioral Medicine at the Pain Control and Rehabilitation Institute of Georgia. She is the member of a number of professional organizations such as the American Psychological Associations and the Georgia Psychological Association. She volunteers with the ServeGA in Fulton County, the Disaster Response Network with the Red Cross, and the Public Education Committee of GPA. Dr. Cox is co-author of a book in the mental health field, an accomplished professional athlete, and an international lecturer and consultant.

Janet Cox’s approach to to treating substance abuse by using the Synapse System which is based on 5 core principles:

  • Principle I:    Addiction is a brain disease.  Effective treatments address brain function.
  • Principle II:    Substance use disorders co-occur with other mental health disorders. Co-occurring disorders need to be assessed and treated with evidence-informed therapies.
  • Principle III:    Substance use disorders impact the entire family. Address the family system so all members can recover.
  • Principle IV:   The treatment of substance use disorders requires a holistic, multi-component, research-based, individualized approach with a strong educational component that addresses the brain, co-occurring disorders, and the family system.
  • Principle V:    Treating substance misuse can prevent the onset of a chronic, progressive disease process leading to chronic underachievement at the very best and, at worst, death.


Additional resources:

Suicide hotline: 1 800 273-8255

SAMSHA (Substance Use) 1 8006624357

Fourteen-Year-Old Kara Best on “How To Talk About Race” Part 2

Wow! I was so inspired by the show that just launched this week that I wanted to share the references that Kara Best mentioned.
Thank you Cathleen, Andrea and Kara for making this week’s episode happen!
~Dr. Denise
Kara’s Commentary:
Thank you so much for having me! My March For Our Lives chapter’s Instagram is @mfolsantamonica ! To see different tiktok influencers I referenced look up #BLM on Tiktok and Instagram
Angela Davis (Picture above) inspires me so much because she is a powerful black woman who has never been afraid to be a force for change, regardless of the consequences.
The books and movies I recommend are The Hate U Give, The Autobiography of Malcom X, BlackkKlansman, and Just Mercy.
Dr. Andrea Best’s Commentary:
What an amazing opportunity to hear and talk about race and service on this podcast with my daughter, Kara. I’ve been learning from her since the day she was born! I knew it would be fun to see the interaction with Kara and Dr Denise’s super powers at work. (Smile)

Fourteen-Year-Old Kara Best on”How To Talk About Race”

Dr. Andrea Best, Emmy Winning Reporter Cathleen O’Toole and I had the honor of sitting down with fourteen-year-old Kara Best to dive deep on “How To Talk About Race.”

Kara started with community involvement began in elementary school with a nonprofit called SPEAK, where she worked with teens at Google headquarters. At the onset of  middle school she organized March For Our Lives and recently had a zoom call with Elizabeth Warren related to this organization.

After the murder of George Floyd Kara Best was on “How To Talk With Kids About Race In America/Nightly News:Kids Edition” with Lester Holt.

Listen and BE INSPIRED:




Bridging Science, Spirituality and Psychology

It was an honor to be interviewed by Dr. Ward Bond. I am in synchrony with his vision of providing education & inspiration via media on ways to achieve optimal physical, mental and spiritual health!
Dr. Denise
Listen to EP 104 – Bridging Science, Spirituality and Psychology from Dr. Bond’s Life Changing Wellness on Apple Podcasts.

Bridging science, spirituality, and psychology is Dr. Denise McDermott’s specialty.A doctor and mother and a healer. That’s how Denise McDermott describes herself. Her work centers on bridging science, spirituality, and psychology – in an effort to break down stigmas on sensitive topics and talk mental health. She joins Dr. Ward today to talk about the intersection of these fields, being real, and how to stop hiding behind your issues.

Chris Gordon’s Wait 4 me App to Empower Social Change Globally!

Happy Father’s Day!

Compassion in action. Creativity. Connection. Consciousness. Awareness. Synchronicity. Service. Integration. Multidimensional Wellbeing. Racial Wellness. Empowerment. Global Change. Ancestral Healing. 

Words that come to mind as I launch part 2 podcast episode with Chris as we discuss his GLOBAL INITIATIVE that help those around the world who feel as there is “NO WAY OUT!”

 I had the privilege of spending time with Chris late April discussing important and practical ways of BEING part of a paradigm progression that integrates real life ways to lift people out of poverty on a global level and to have NEW discussions that address systemic oppression. 

Are you ready to be inspired?

Part 1

Listen here to part 2:


Chris Gordon:

Is the founder of Wait4me App, the author of the novel Fishing with God and the producer of the soon to be released documentary Still Here chronicling the trafficking and organ harvesting of Bosnian Romani orphans.

Chris grew up in Babylon Long Island in the Township of Lindenhurst went to Nassau College and Hofstra university, studied psychology economics and theater.

After college Christ became a stockbroker and financial manager for the likes of Myers Pollock and Robbins and Merrill Lynch, before becoming a district manager of orange county for American express financial advisors.

In a lateral career movement he chose the endeavor of film financing in Los Angeles where he is in the mantle of Producer then exactly producer for the film company Intercept entertainment on the Paramount Raleigh Studios film lot.

Currently Chris is the founder of Wait4Me app in the new media digital age.

**** Chris and I spoke about the synergy that he and my Dharma Brother Lama Tenzin Choegyal.

Here are some other links to check out:

Compassion In Action with Lama Tenzin Choegyal

CED House


We ALL Have a VOICE part 2!

Thank you Marjan Mamooie and Dr. Andrea Best for having this discussion PART 2!

We are all processing a lot of emotions and wanting to address JUSTICE and NEW beginnings during these unprecedented times. Awareness and cultural sensitivity are hot topics that WE all want to address and it starts one conversation at a time.

Listen here:

We ALL have a Voice!

Thank you Marjan Mamooie and Dr. Andrea Best for having this discussion. We are all processing a lot of emotions and wanting to address JUSTICE and NEW beginnings during these unprecedented times. Awareness and cultural sensitivity are hot topics that WE all want to address and it starts one conversation at a time.

Listen here:

Go INTO the Suffering When the Going Gets Tough

It was an honor to contribute to multiple media outlets this week in the article “The Top 10 Experts Share Their Tips for Overcoming Adversity.”

Here is my contribution in the article above:

Go INTO the Suffering When the Going Gets Tough.

Denise McDermott M.D.

“Face your suffering with a healthy mindset” is the #1 tip to overcoming adversity that I share with my clients.

Life is a series of crisis, stabilization, and thrive cycles.

We can use our experiences and feelings of loss, sadness, betrayal, or anger to create a momentum of change in times of suffering.
When we are in crisis there is infinite unseen energy and potential to grow and thrive.

A positive mindset is a key to being adaptive in times of uncertainty or crisis. At His Holiness Body Mind Life conference “Nurturing Children’s Mental Health” I spoke about the importance of awareness, self-love, and altruism as essential ingredients for optimal mental health and a positive mindset.

With this foundation, we have healthy coping strategies and the ability to “bounce back” when faced with a challenge.

Awareness is achieved through a practice of mindfulness or meditation. We must be calm, present and in the NOW so we can face our suffering head on.

Make time to be in nature, engage in a moving or still meditation to quiet your mind to have clarity of your next move in solving your problem.

Remember meditation is mind medicine and is the gateway drug for awareness.

Love yourself unconditionally with all of your imperfections. Self love Includes healthy nutrition, regular exercise, good sleep hygiene and finding your meditation routine.

A practice of gratitude for everything that is going right in your life is your “secret sauce” to keeping an open and positive mind throughout the day. A healthy lifestyle allows strong self-esteem and you will be able to give yourself an internal pep talk of “It will be ok, this is a temporary state of suffering.”

Altruism allows us to remember we are not alone and takes our minds off of our problems. Help a neighbor, smile at a salesclerk, reach out to a friend, and give a listening ear when you are going through a tough time.

A positive mindset sets the foundation for adapting in times of crisis and reaching your personal thrive with awareness, self-love, and altruism.

Pandemic Mental Health Crisis and How To Stay Calm with Michel Pascal

The World Health Organization estimates that each year approximately one million people a year die from suicide. 
With the unemployment rate sky rocketing, civil unrest and covid-19 on the rise again I can tell you that my patients are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, and addiction to the point many are struggling with suicidal ideation.
News reporter Cathleen O’toole brought us up to date on this week’s headlines of suicides that include a Chinese Film MakerLaw Firm ChiefTeen Murder SuicideGun Owners,  & Three Digit Hotline.
The WORLD is in crisis and learning to stay calm and in this moment to decide to stay on Earth is crucial in suicide prevention!
It is an honor to have Michel Pascal on this weeks episode to share his method of meditation for daily stress.
Listen here:
Michel Pascal is a transformational and spiritual multi-talented artist, meditation teacher, singer, composer, photographer, film director, and author dedicated to supporting underserved populations – including LA’s hardened population of parolees. An author of 20 books on spirituality, Including “Meditation for Daily Stress, 10 practices for immediate well-being” A book that describes all his new approach of Meditation.
Michel`s latest work includes the co creation of the Never Alone movement with Deepak Chopra, social entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah, actress and humanitarian, Gabriella Wright, to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental wellbeing through their global movement “#NeverAlone”.
He is the director of the I am never alone film, one of the solutions of the Never Alone movement for Suicide prevention and Mental Health. The film is ready to watch at a very low price $4 usd
Michel is also the creator of a free App to help people to feel better, the name of the App is Mind Dive. Available to download for free in Android and Apple.

Get social with Michel.
Mind Dive App

Dr. Denise Show Line Up Since the Pandemic Hit!

“How can I be my own best friend?”

A question that I encourage all of you to ask yourselves.

The universal truths of awareness, self love and altruism set the foundation for mental and physical wellBEing for all of US.

Humanity is in crisis and when we are in crisis there is Infinite Potential to use our suffering and our feelings as “ROCKET FUEL” to go from crisis to thrive.

That is exactly what I did.

I rocked my quarantine/ stay at home order during the pandemic by passionately producing and creating more content that bridges science, spirituality and psychiatry on my Dr. Denise Show podcast that I launched in 2016!

There are  > than 25 new episodes of the Dr. Denise Show from March 2020 until now.

In addition to the series within the Dr. Denise Show “Rocking A Betrayal” with co-host and Emmy Award Winning News Reporter Cathleen O’toole pre-pandemic I am thrilled to announce the launch of the series “Diva Discussions” with Marjan Mamooie and the series  “On Alchemy” with Dr. Andrea Best during LOCK DOWN!

Woot! Woot!

Check out the links to all of the recent episodes below as this blogpost is a celebration of creativity and passion for the spirit of INSPIRING ALL at this unimaginable time in history.

Remember that we have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL once we remember WHO we are. We are light beings and can “light each other up!”

You will LOVE the guests and cohosts that I have on my show.

Cheers to OUR collective health, unity and fight for JUSTICE for ALL!


Dr. Denise



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