What an HONOR!

With humility and gratitude announcement:
“Dr. Denise is on the Advisory Board of the Hollywood Creative Academy as Creative Minds Advisor referring educators and bridging strategic relationships in film, music, fashion and new media.”
To hear more about the Hollywood Creative Academy listen to the interview with Matt Coleman
Right HERE.

“Healing is a LOVE AFFAIR” ~Dr. Franco Lenna

What an ABSOLUTE honor to share this sacred time space dimension with Dr. Franco Lenna. The synergy, synchronicity and the kindred spirit heart energy resonates throughout this PARADIGM PROGRESSION interview….

Ready, SET… GO!


Dr Franco Lenna MD, University of Milan Italy graduated with honors Magnum cum laude – PHD obtained by La Jolla University California – University Professor for La Jolla University in the Swiss campus, and Pegaso University in Italy teaching psychosomatic medicine –  Dr Lenna is specialized in hygiene and preventative medicine with honors. Afterwords Dr Lenna also went to Lion France, in order to specialize in holistic medicine – homeopathy, phytotherapy , organic supplements, and energetic diet – Psychosomatic medicine and quantum medicine.
Dr. Lenna practices medicine in the northern part of Italy and he is available for telemedicine. For information and bookings write to info@ausoniapartners.com!


Alchemy In Action….

Dr. Best and I share how we shift our own stress of parenting and “doctoring” with authentic, transparent real life examples of the power of rest, creativity and laughter….

Listen here:

WE are in this PANDEMIC together!

Dr. Best and I had an intense week with patients, e-learning, and want you to know that WE are in this pandemic TOGETHER!

Listen to our “spontaneous” show recorded after a day of professional and personal emergencies:


It Is Possible! Meet Mental Health Advocate Karl Shallowhorn

What an honor to be teaming up with such an accomplished director, Charles Mattocks, on Eight Days Mental Health.

This docuseries will inspire, educate and elevate the discussions about mental health. I thought it would be great to sit down with him to meet another soul that is part of  “Team EIGHT DAYS” during pre production mode.

Meet Karl Shallowhorn who is devoted to wellness and embodies the journey of taking his own crisis and turning it into a thrive:


Karl Shallowhorn is the president and founder of Shallowhorn Consulting, LLC. He has a Master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration from SUNY Buffalo State, is a New York State Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC), and has worked in the field of addiction and mental health for over 19 years. Karl is the author of Working on Wellness: A Practical Guide to Mental Health (2010) and Leadership Through the Lens of the 12 Steps (2020). He coordinates and writes for the United Church of Christ blog The Journey and has been a contributing writer and blogger for BP magazine.  He is the Chair of the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition, the Chair of Affiliate Relations for the Mental Health Association in New York State Board of Directors, as well as serving on the Erie County Mental Hygiene Community Services Board, and the Boards of Housing Options Made Easy, and the Just Buffalo Literary Center. Karl has received numerous awards for his advocacy work, including from the National Federation for Just Communities and the Buffalo Association of Black Social Workers. Additionally, Karl has been selected as a presenter for TedX Buffalo 2021 with his topic being centered on African American men and mental health.








Dr. Denise & Matt Coleman Talk Evolving World of Education, Tech & More

By Cathleen O’Toole


            Matt Coleman, producer, director and all-around tech wizard, joins us on this episode of The Dr. Denise Show.  The Australian native shows us how a career can build step-by-step to evolve as the world of technology and entertainment do so at warp speed.  Matt shares fascinating stories of working with Warner and Sony Entertainment and the big stars those companies had in their stables.  But he also explains how it can be time to pivot in life and how to take experience and intuition to keep moving oneself forward.

            His latest project, the newly-launched Hollywood Creative Academy, is especially relevant in today’s world.  Matt and Dr. Denise talk about this innovative concept and how experts in the worlds of Music, Film & TV, Fashion and Digital Entertainment will be offering insider knowledge into the secrets to success in their genre.   The discussion takes on the tough topic of how today’s students are being educated in this time of pandemic and the value and short-comings of traditional university degrees.  Dr. Denise weighs in on these better, mind-challenging uses of screen time.  And finally, our listeners won’t leave this show without getting to learn Matt’s “Seven Secrets of Success in Hollywood.”


Listen HERE:


Matt Coleman Biography


Matt has over 25 years of experience in entertainment and technology. He has been awarded several emerging technology awards and launched Magnify World, one of the world’s first augmented and virtual reality companies in 2014.


The Magnify Business Summit attracted over 6,000 delegates and launched in Toronto, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and represented the company in Shanghai and Chengdu in 2017 with local governments.


In addition, the Magnify Business Summit showcases world-class AR/VR/mixed reality experiences in a range of industry sectors including film and TV, advertising/branding, education, tourism, sports and live events. The event has attracted start-ups at the cutting edge of innovation to fortune 500 companies such as Google, HP, Snap, Oculus, HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, NHL, Paramount Pictures/Viacom, WETA and many more.


Matt has also been working on the future of education since mid-2019 working on a new immersive e-learning platform called The Hollywood Creative Academy (www.hollywoodcreativeacademy.com). The academy offers students direct access to world-leading experts in the fields of music, film/tv, fashion, and digital entertainment.


In 2020, he became a director and co-founder of Play Tally (www.playtally.com) with Russell Wilson (NFL) and Jeff Bezos, a fan engagement innovation using free to play prediction web-based experiences powered by pari-mutuel software.


Matt also co-founded ARIVAL (www.arival.co), a company that uses augmented reality to engage fans offering real time player and game stats in the stadium and at home through their digital devices. The company won the prestigious Hype Innovation global technology award at the 2017 Commonwealth Games against hundreds of companies. Hype holds the largest accumulation of sports starts up worldwide.


Matt has been a regular on stage moderator and keynote speaker and has presented in Shanghai at the Yangpu Innovation Forum as a guest of the local government alongside Ali Sports, other highlights include Canadian Music/Tech Week in 2018/2019, NAMM keynote and DEW Los Angeles. He has also negotiated government partnerships in Australia, New Zealand, China and Canada.


Previously, Matt worked for Warner and Sony entertainment for 12 years launching many global stars including Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pantera, Michael Crawford, Jonny Cash, Billy Joel, INXS, and many more. Post Warner he then founded sports mobile company Txtstation (interactive TV mobile marketing company) and raised over $6 million in venture capital and sold the company in March 2011 to San Diego North American company CommerceTel.


Matt launched Txtstation into the European/North American markets and moved to New York and Los Angeles where he successfully set up the first telecommunication connections to 250 million cell phones and sold the company’s original contracts with the FIFA World Cup, SKY TV Italy for the Champions League, Fox USA, KCAL and KCBS USA, Time Warner (TNT Sports) and worked with the various leagues in the USA such as the NBA via their broadcast deals.


Matt is also an exclusive member of the Hollywood based Advanced Image Society, the organization represents world-leading immersive technologies centered around the future of film and television production. The society was founded by Disney, Dreamwork’s, Sony, Paramount, IMAX and Dolby. (https://theadvancedimagingsociety.com/about/)


www.magnifyworld.com www.hollywoodcreativeacademy.com www.playtally.com




Dr. Denise and director Charles Mattocks introduce “Eight Days” docu-series

By Cathleen O’Toole


            On this episode of the Dr. Denise Show, we will be unveiling a very exciting partnership with Charles Mattocks — director, producer, actor, author — you name it!  This dynamic duo will be teaming up to tackle mental wellness in reality TV form.  Before you say, “Oh no, that’s going to be a voyeuristic mess,” you have to listen to these two.   You’ll learn about how the pair will be using conversations, healing and love to bring awareness to the mental health struggles that so many of us face.

            Dr. Denise is scheduled to be lead doctor during the eight days that five carefully-selected people will spend on retreat together.  In this podcast she will tell us about how the “pause” in live can actually propel us forward during times of crisis.  You’ll get an insight into her explanation of crisis, stabilization and thrive and how it will help guide the housemates and viewers through difficult times.  Dr. Denise will teach us, “There is joy in the journey.”

            Charles Mattocks brings an amazing template to the topic.  The director whose own health battle brought us the ground-breaking diabetes docu-series Reversed has also gathered acclaim for his Eight Days Season One that examines the lives of five people living with different stages of cancer.   Mattocks says Eight Days Mental Health will all be about understanding.  “We don’t understand what it’s like looking in that tunnel,” says Mattocks.

            The team will be natural advocates for the men and women who come together for Eight Days Mental Health.  Mattocks explains the profound impact the cancer fighters have made on his life and he expects this to be no different.  Dr. Denise stresses “integrity of the soul” for each housemate who will be cared for, before, during and after the series is long over.

            Take a listen — you most undoubtedly will be convinced that this genre is perfect for bringing awareness and respect to the world of mental wellness.

Deep Dive on Quarantine, Mental Health and Game Addiction by Cam Adair


Recently I had the pleasure of appearing on the Dr. Denise Show for a deep discussion about the effects of quarantine and gaming addiction.

We discussed topics including:

  • Strategies to overcome gaming addiction
  • Recent trends of burnout in esports
  • The 4 types of gamers and their personalities
  • How companies leverage neurostyles to hook gamers
  • Risk factors for gaming problems

Click here to listen to the full podcast episode.

I really enjoyed the discussion and think you will gain insights from it. Dr. Denise is not only a MD but also a mother and I had the pleasure of meeting her and her son in Manhanttan Beach a few years ago.

One of the topics we discussed was the risk factors that make someone vulnerable to developing a gaming problem.

Did you know that it is rare that gaming issues are not linked with underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and ADHD? That is an important reason why it is crucial that you work with professional support when dealing with gaming issues.

Please find some options for you in our professionals directory. Many are available remotely as well if you do not have a local option.

I am continuing to work hard to find and train more professionals who specialize in working with gaming issues. If you are or know of anyone who specializes with gaming, please have them reach out to me.

Looking for additional support? Check out our programs and trainings!

Hope everyone is having a good day and is safe out there. Please be kind during this time. (And well, all the time!)


Cam Adair, Founder of Game Quitters 

Pandemic Awareness, Unseen Energy and Growth Mindset with Simonetta Lein

Simonetta and I energetically fueled another episode as we are so passionate about how the vibration of our words, thoughts and actions influence our inner peace and wellbeing.

At this unimaginable time for HUMANITY many people are waking up to realize WE are truly in this together.

Simonetta grew up surrounded with science, psychology and a quantum education as her parents (Franco-Holistic Doctor & Adele Holistic Psychologist) were alway encouraging  a “think for yourself”  data and spirit driven philosophy.

Are you ready?

Listen here:

Simonetta Lein
Simonetta Lein is an Italian born Model, Author, and Millennial Activist, considered one of the top 100 fashion influencers in the world. She is the founder of The Wishwall Foundation, with its international project The Wishwall www.thewishwall.org.
Simonetta contributes to Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post and advocates for women in her blog Empowering Style by The Wishmaker
Simonetta is an Entrepreneur, a TV personality and a top model that has contributed to several shows at NYFW and at Madison Square Garden for Style Fashion Week. Her fans call her The Wishmaker.
Simonetta started from the ground up in Philadelphia and built a one woman empire to become a top 100 fashion influencer and be named a fashion icon, setting trends on social media and beyond. She is a
best-selling author, television and radio personality, journalist, international fashion and lifestyle blogger, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and philanthropist to name a few.
She is the leading star for the show “The Wishwall” picked by Amazon Prime, distributed through FNL Network.
Ms. Lein builds and uses her platform to continue to spread personal morals and values through her charity, The Wishwall Foundation. The foundation is a space allowing people from across the world to post their deepest wish or desire on the website’s “Wishwall.” Simonetta, “The Wishmaker,” along with her global network, take those wishes and make incredible dreams come true. Through celebrity interviews, fashion shows and other special events, Simonetta brings people into a world that they would not normally have access to.
Through stories that people share with Simonetta on her blog at the Huff Post, she educates, motivates and empowers people.
 Simonetta is a story teller; her first novel was inspired by the power of dreams. From being an actress, hostess and radio speaker working for others – she became an entrepreneur and poured herself into helping and encouraging women and branding herself as “The Wishmaker,” helping the hopes and dreams of others becoming attainable.
Simonetta is passionate about making this world a better place and empowering women to work hard and make their own dreams a reality. She is selective in collaborating with brands that will always give her readers her message. With a focus on educating and inspiring others and making wishes come true, Simonetta writes novels and articles, hosts events, and can be booked as a speaker as well. With more than 2 million followers across all digital platforms, “The Wishmaker” has been a columnist for Vanity Fair Italy. She has served as a Brand Ambassador to several of Italy’s top luxury fashion, accessory and beauty brands; and she has collaborated with some of the world’s top photographers, including Giovanni Gastel and Bruno Oliviero.
 Simonetta is the 9th most influential personality in Philadelphia and is truly a Millennial social media expert, empowering her generation. People can share their wishes on The Wishwall Online and using the “pay it forward” philosophy, receive and provide help. The Wishmaker’s work is supported by many celebrities and she works in entertainment to invest in people.
 Her motto is: GIVE DREAMS A CHANCE!
Femme Sans Peur Luxury Shoes, IMaxAlarm, Zac Posen, Susan G Komen, Simon Malls, FabFitFun, Wallpics, Shein, Roman, authors Gareth Worthington and Christine Brae,Malika
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Simonetta was Top Model at NYFW 2016 with Art Heart Fashion, the FNL Network and designer Odair Pereira. Simonetta modeled in the Richie Rich Fashion Show in NYFW 2017. Simonetta is an ambassador for Ilaria Fendi and Shahida Parides a brand also represented by Demi Lovato, Kyle Richards, Paris Hilton and Beyoncé.
Huffington Post, Forbes, Harper’s Baazar, Glamour,Cosmopolitan, Fashion Week Online, Linea Alberta, Hollywood Boulevard, Entrepreneur Magazine, Vanity Fair Italy, Vogue Italy, Elle Italy, D di
Repubblica, Marie Clair Italy, Style Italy, Destination Luxury, Philadelphia Metro, Splash Magazine, Heaven Has Heels, 360 Magazine, JMG Lifestyle Magazine, Gladys Magazine.
FEATURED ON: Amazon Prime, FOX-WTXF, CBS 3 KYW, WMCN Philadelphia, My LA 104.3 AM, Greater Media Radio NY/NJ, in addition to numerous Italian media broadcast outlets
AUTHOR: Everything Is Possible: A Novel About the Power of Dreams, 2013
The Wishwall Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization and social community. Its core principals are to give a voice to the voiceless and to aid in making dreams come true. The Wishwall Foundation & The Wishwall is multifaceted. It consists of an online community www.thewishwall.org where people can express their wishes and where the Foundation inspires them to help one another. The Foundation is supported by founder The Celebrity Wishmaker, Simonetta Lein. The Wishwall Foundation & The Wishwall collaborates with other  non profit groups.