Diva Discussions on Hope and The Spirit of Gratitude for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“May there continue to be LOVE & Justice for ALLKIND in the Universe.”
~ Dr. Denise


WE all experience suffering or betrayal at some point in our Earth Experience, right?

That is a given.

How WE react, alchemize, HEAL and Thrive is to be CELEBRATED!

This interview is with a “MYSTERY DIVA” that had a hopeful WIN this week while “Rocking HER Betrayal!”

She and I both believe in the POWER of SISTERHOOD, UNSEEN ENERGY and also have been and continue to RESPECT The Spirit of  JUSTICE, HOPE and TRUTH that RUTH BADER GINSBURG EVOKES Beyond Time, Space and Matter.

This show gives HOPE & Universal Tips, Tools and more for ALLKIND:

Links from the show:

OUR WORDS THOUGHTS & ACTIONS are PRAYERS…. Here are the Social Media Posts that EVOKED Gratitude for Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Thank you RUTH!

10/29/21 IG POST

“May there continue to be LOVE & Justice for ALLKIND in the Universe.”

~ Dr. Denise
#friday #honoring #ruthbaderginsburg #unseen #energy #of #hope #for #justice #and #love #for ❤️& #ALLKIND
Our thoughts, intentions and prayers have >>> ENERGY than the Human Mind can Envision.
My secret sauce is not only gratitude.
Prayer is integrated throughout my AWARENESS in the Moment of NOW.
Congratulations to my dear friend for her win today against souls that are vibrating at a “non~awake” state.
#justice #in #motion
This applies to ALL of US.
Love WINS.
It just might take suffering along the way.
#crisis #stabilization #thrive
#awareness #selflove #altruism
Thank you Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
WE asked for your love, strength and heart energy from BEYOND & I can FEEL your loving Energy of Hope and Justice as I type this.
Prayers. Love. God. Angels. Ancestors.
The FORCE is strong when in the AWARENESS that LOVE is the Highest Vibration.

9/25/21 IG POST

“Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” #ruthbaderginsburg 
Remember WE can call upon the Energy of Justice in OUR hearts in this realm and BEYOND at any moment of RIGHT NOW.
Status: Justice Mode
#saturdayvibes #justice #for #ALLKIND
This post is motivated by a woman that has contacted me to help tell her story to heal and to empower others when dealing with Injustice.
#RockingABetrayal #Series #SeasonTwo #Is #BEing #Ignited
“I suppose if I had any talent that God could have given me, I would have been a diva. But since I am a monotone I went to law school.” 
—Ruth Bader Ginsburg upon accepting the Sophia Smith Award in 1997