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Fall 2021 Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Gratitude ALERT! Thank you @chaos2cured Cathleen O’Toole @jakemyers2001 @dr.rennes for helping me to launch this new series, Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond! Stay tuned for another episode to drop tomorrow with @mocwithtiffany ! Woot! Woot! #drdeniseshow #embraceyourneurostyle #taking #the #shame #out #of #talking #mentalhealth “WE all process and perceive information in OUR own Unique Way. […]

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Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Dr. Rennes

Dr. Rennes felt a tug on her heart and a Divine Whisper in her ear of  “Dance for Mental Health” in her path to her joy and healing that is now reaching all of  US on Instagram and Tik Tok. @dr.rennes Her vibration, love and creative dance reels encapsulate the HEALING OF DANCE AND MUSIC […]

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