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Embrace Your Neurostyle with Dance Mental Health Warrior Dr. Rennes Part 2

Mic Drop (a reframe of tech challenges) inspired Part 2  with Dr. Rennes which is a continued deep dive discussion on turning moments of stress into alchemy moments of greater inner peace throughout our day! Wellness Warrior Dr. Rennes is devoted to dancing for mental health on and off social media with her power packed […]

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High Powered Stress Part 2… Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Paul Sheesley

What an honor to have Paul Sheesley back during mental health awareness month! Paul Sheesley and Dr. Denise reveal the power of vulnerability in sharing your mood and high stress state professionally and personally. The conversation turned to modern day cancel culture, the power of words, thoughts and actions with a deep dive on “Narcissism Mythbusting” […]

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