Part 2 of The ABC’s of Stem Cell Activation Therapy with Dame Lillian Walker , Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

What an honor to have Dame Lillian Walker back on the Dr. Denise Show for the “AHA WINS” of a few clients this autumn! Dame Lillian continues to graciously shares her wisdom and intuitive gifts as a stem cell activation specialist and neurosomatic holistic practitioner. Are you ready for this mind-blowing episode that includes clients […]

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Bullying Fatality: On Staying Sane

As a child psychiatrist I am on the frontlines of suicide and bullying prevention. This episode is in response to the bullying fatality of 17 year old Jonathan Lewis, a Vegas teen that was allegedly attempting to protect a fellow teen. Listen here:–07-17-57-f0f1g0isglj–final-mix.wav Jonathan Lewis, News Nation Bullying Statistics Cyberbullying Takes Lives

What’s Next in the Podcast Metaverse?! Creative Minds Series with CEO Blubrry Todd Cochrane

Are you a seasoned podcaster or about to launch your own show? This is the who, what,when and where of what’s next in the Podcast Meta Verse from podcast progression pioneer Todd Cochrane! Freedom of speech and the ability to have your OWN TRUE VOICE is what we are all desiring at this time in […]

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Entrepreneur Mindset Profile with Dr. Jennifer Hall: Creative Mindset Series

Are you ready for a deep dive on winning mindset and the many flavors of what being an entrepreneur can look like? In my mind prep for a networking event I came across Dr. Jennifer Hall’s body of work and her contributions to developing the Entrepreneur Mindset Profile.  I love her organic process, scientific method […]

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Rich In Love: The Golden Thread

I am just back from a networking event in Las Vegas and this lovely intuitive lady Anastasia said, “Dr. Denise you should make a reel right NOW on how you described BEing Rich IN LOVE.” I said thank you to her and that it would INSPIRE a short podcast this week! Thank you Anastasia, John […]

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Podcast Awards Show

Podcast Awards Ceremony Saturday, Sept 30th – 6pm Eastern WOOT WOOT! The Dr. Denise Show was a finalist in the world out of 8.1 million pooled listeners in the skeptics guide to science and medicine in the people’s podcast awards!   Thank you all for helping to change the way WE think, talk and act […]

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Reverent Reflections, The Golden Thread

This episode is an invitation to pause and reflect TOGETHER as we enter autumn and the holiday season. What matters most to you? How are you showing up with deep appreciation for yourself and loved ones? This show is in sacred remembrance of all of OUR past, present and future ancestors and a celebration of […]

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