Keeping What’s Yours with Suzann Moskowitz, Esq: The Creative Minds Series

Are you a creator of your own content, product, idea and are at the stage of setting the foundation of protecting your intellectual property?

This is a taking care of business episode with practical tips, tools and more that allow you to begin to understand:

What’s a TM? (Is it the same as copyright?)

Why are trademarks important to service providers and not just things like packaged brands?

Can I trademark my name?

What makes a good TM (creative/available)?

What’s wrong with boring names?

What is the process to register?

This is a must listen to episode for the ABC’s of IP:

Suzann is the owner of The Moskowitz Firm, which is a boutique law practice focused on trademark, copyright, and related issues.   Suzann opted out of large-firm life in 2010 and now works more closely with creative entrepreneurs, food and beverage businesses, technology start-ups, and established companies to protect their valuable intellectual property and to navigate the evolving legal landscape.

Suzann received her B.S. in Policy Analysis from Cornell University (1998), lived in New York where she worked at the legal department at Newsweek, graduated Stanford Law School (2003), and lived in Seattle and Ireland.  She currently runs her international practice from the shores of Lake Erie, in Cleveland, Ohio.