A Father’s Military Service: Layers of Trauma & Familial Healing: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

In honor of Memorial Day & Mental Health Awareness by Evidential Medium Deborah Romero:
 “Spirit is so intelligent as they orchestrated the outline for Dr Denise and I to Flow together with Grace and Compassion for Humanity. Mental Health Matters, You Matter and you’re not alone. Dr Denise & I opened up together diving deep into the importance of honoring OUR FEELINGS and unique sensory perception(s)!
Dr. Denise McDermott completed her Adult Psychiatry residency at Emory University and her Child Psychiatry fellowship at University of California Los Angeles where she was acting Chief Fellow. We both had no idea the magnitude of how our work together would be so divining. An honor of those who battle Mental Health and those who have fallen and continue to suffer silently from their wounds seen & unseen from serving for our country.  A piece of my story was shared to give hope to others to know there are alternative ways to take your healing ❤️‍🩹 journey to another level with Eastern & Western Medicine. I gave a glimpse into my personal journey in the part 1 of  the interview as I stepped outside of the box with compassion & gentleness for myself.  Investing in yourself matters.
Part 2 of my interview talks about one layer of my traumas . You will hear how it coincides with Mental Health Awareness and Memorial Day . I was Raw and vulnerable, but surrounded by the love of the women in my family who were and are still present for me . It was truly a gift from spirit . Having support as I flowed with tears was bitter sweet not having my mom present.  My mother is one of the strongest women I know and I only wish I can continue to embody the strength she carries from her  past .  I didn’t cry because what happened, but because my mother suffers from dementia and the little girl within me yearns for that mother/daughter connection . Grief unfolded but I know I can connect in a deeper profound way which will always be eternal.
I am Yaqui descent who was raised by very strong women and who is always divinely connected to God, the unknown of the paranormal, where some may consider it superstition.  Medium was not a word used then and we just knew our family members  would have that deep knowing.  Remember it is your birth right to flow with your perception and sensory’s . May my words shared Inspire you to ignite the fire within to ask for help  and follow your heart to wellness. Be Fierce for yourself because you matter.
In Loving Memory to all who have lost the battle to Mental  health and for those who have served. In God We Trust.
Thank you
Dr Denise for the opportunity to connect with you and spirit  . I give Gratitude to my angels , ancestors and spirit 🤍🙏🌻
For the sacred space that was created for A deeper Understanding of how mental health not only effects the person who is experiencing it, but it becomes a ripple effect for those who love them.   Let’s create a new wave of vibrations to flow with Understanding, Compassion and Love , as one continues their personal healing  journey .
Simply be Kind”


A Father’s Military Service: Layers of Trauma & Familial Healing: