OUR Gift of Reflection

The Ascension Show Season 2.5

“OUR Gift of Reflection”

OUR Gift of Reflection is part of an on-going, communal process that heightens awareness.  In this episode we talk about why modern day society is so stressed out.  Because we just do frenetic mode, we don’t look back and reflect.  Here’s the reminder to do it and how to do it!   We’ll talk about how #SELF-CARE is the new Cool.  And we also learn just where those adrenals are and the big job they’re doing inside your sacred body.  We give a huge shout out to the pulse of Consciousness.  With a look back at the year in headlines, we hit all the senses.  The crew is vulnerable, transparent and accessible.  It’s time to move on… knowing reflection comes from inside the heart — the mind — and the body.

Anchors:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Jennifer Shaffer, Dr. Andrea Best, Beverly Bergmann, Cathleen O’Toole

Executive Producers:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Cathleen O’Toole

Associate Producer:  Katherine Axiotis


            Vocals: Emily Eddins

            Producers: Dr. Denise McDermott, G. Beverly Bergmann, Emily Eddins

Graphic Artist:  Carolyn Honda

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