French writer, meditation teacher, photographer and director, Michel Pascal discusses why “Meditation for Daily Stress” is different than all other ways of meditation.

Michel Pascal is a french writer, meditation teacher, singer, composer, photographer and director for spiritual documentaries. He is the photographer and co-writer of «Instants Sacrés» a book by His Holiness the Dalai-Lama (2008 Prisma Media, Geo National Geographic in Europe).

Before moving to the US, Michel lived in the largest monastery in Himalayas, Kopan Monastery in Nepal. The high master Chepa Dorje Rimpoche (descendant of Marpa) was his meditation teacher during 15 years. Michel has written 16 books in french about spirituality.

He has created Meditation for Daily Stress, a new way of meditation, mix a pure acknowledge from Buddhism Nygmapa (Pow’a, Tonglen) and new medical research in neurosciences, associated with Dr Mario Beauregard Ph,D neuroscientist, Dr Natalie Trent Ph,D Harvard University.

In just four short months, Michel Pascal’s new meditation technique, has dramatically changed the perception of meditating in America. Its success has come surprisingly fast, being practiced at Google corporate offices in New York, Harvard University (class of Dr Natalie Trent Ph,D), Amity Foundation in Los Angeles, for parolees, homeless and displaced adults, military veterans with PTSD, substance abusers (drugs, alcohol), insomniacs, pregnant women, survivors of abuse, healthcare practitioners, hospital patients, entertainers and TV producers, celebrities, teachers at La Hoya (LA Phil), children, families, Uber drivers, etc.

As said Dr Natalie Trent Ph,D Harvard, it is a revolutionary mind training technique.  All the meditation practices (yoga, MBSR, etc.) propose we training in a quiet place (yoga studio, meditation room…). But after, when we go back in our daily life, we are stressed again. Why? Because we don’t live in these quiet places, but rather in our daily stressful situations. The key of the practice is training the brain regularly, creating a new mind-set in the subconscious that it is possible to live and work without stress. We meditate, we train our mind in our reality: our workplace, in the subway, stuck in traffic, in the midst of our daily life…How can we use visualization to stop running thoughts, work easier, with less efforts? How can we recycle from others’ moods & energies? How can we be more confident, to develop our intuition? How can we feel less stress, immediately, without effort? Listen and find out how!