Child Abuse Survivor-Author-Speaker-Advocate Patrick Dati on The Dr. Denise Show

Patrick Dati is an author, motivational speaker and advocate, who has delivered speeches across the United States to audiences of every age and demographic. Patrick’s speeches give his audiences the understanding that healing is possible! That you too can survive and heal. Dati has recently signed on with the Elite Speaking Bureau, owned and operated by Denise Brown, elder sister of the late Nichole Brown Simpson as their first LGBTQ speaker.

Patrick has spoken among a broad spectrum of industries and organizations as well as multiple media channels such as CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX news in addition to several radio shows and podcasts. In 2011, Patrick was chosen by the SAMHS/US Department of Health and Human Services as one of six trauma victims survivors as their 2012 spokesperson. In 2016, Dati received a reply from President Obama honoring him for telling his story and being the type of survivor who helps victims. In 2016, he was chosen as keynote speaker for Break the Silence Foundation, a domestic violence non-profit organization which elected him in 2017 to their board of directors as Chairman of their Planning Committee.

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