Professor, author, holistic education advocate, Dr. Edward Mooney, Ed.D. shares how he learned how to thrive after being close to being a teenage dropout.

As a professor of education, Edward Mooney, Jr., draws from decades of experience as a public school teacher in his quest to prepare the next generation of teachers. He passionately believes that the relationship between an instructor and a student can change lives. Two of those relationships changed his.

Edward was born in Massachusetts but moved with his family to California before kindergarten. As the years passed his father turned to alcohol; he became physically abusive.

In high school Eddie wanted to drop out, due to the abuse. Two teachers reached out to him; Eddie felt that life was overwhelming. The teachers showed caring to a hurting boy. Eddie graduated, on time. He went on to earn Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts and Doctor of Education degrees. Along the way he picked up a teaching credential.

Edward followed in the footsteps of those teachers. He taught science and social studies, mostly in high schools in California, including at the setting of the 2015 movie, “McFarland USA.” No, he was not in the film.

Edward currently lives in Redding, California. His interests include maps, travel, flag collecting (called “vexillology”), writing, computers, web page development and camping (not to mention chocolate). He is married with five children and six grandchildren.

Four of his novels have been published. One outlines the struggles he went through as a young person – “Toy Jeeps: A Father’s Legacy.” It was released in the 1990’s, and he hopes to soon find a new publisher for a re-release. “The Pearls of the Stone Man,” is about a retired teacher reaching out to teens in trouble. It was published by Sourcebooks (ISBN 978-978-14022-38314).

His motto as an educator is, “To reach a child’s mind, first reach a child’s heart.” – Edward Mooney, Jr.