Dr. Denise Episode 50 A Mental Health Break with Vince A. Lanci The Podcast

It was an absolute honor to be back on Vince A. Lanci’s Show! Vince is a true mental health warrior! He will be launching his book soon and it will be an honor to have him on the Dr. Denise Show!   Let’s hear directly from Vince: This podcast is all things MENTAL HEALTH! EPISODE #50! […]

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On Etheric Medicine

On Etheric Medicine is about inspiring you to access your own higher levels of awareness to reach optimal mind, body and spirit health and well-being. Dr. Denise & Jennifer will have bridge discussions with science, business, health and all aspects of linear and nonlinear possibilities in the Earth Realm and BEYOND. Listen HERE:

Holistic Health, Creativity, & Entertainment with Howard Flamm

Wow, what a fun interview with Howard Flamm! So excited for all of you to hear what he has been up to including the launch of he and Jarnell Stokes children’s book Wings To Fly! Listen here: Howard Flamm   Howard Flamm has been engaged in the creative arts for many years. He has worked […]

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Unemployment, Covid, and ORGASMS, OH MY….

Diva Discussions is back! Marjan and I surprised ourselves with this episode. Her job search during the pandemic has led to some interesting opportunities that include maximizing a woman’s orgasm potential with sound healing. At one point I was chuckling to myself thinking “Unemployment, Covid and ORGASMS…. OH MY….” Seriously… Laughter is the best medicine! […]

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Dr. Denise and Charles Mattocks on the MOMENTUM of Eight Days Mental Health Docuseries

Dr. Denise and Charles Mattocks discuss their process of collaboration on Eight Days Mental Health and get real about the momentum, the pre-production and the ENERGY of Hope and Inspiration of this season and their partnership. As single parents they also get real about how to be creative, productive and manage “zoom schooling” during this […]

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Another ZOOM Bites the Dust….

“Zoom FATIGUE is REAL….” So much so I just had to share how it is going at our home. Listen:

What an HONOR!

With humility and gratitude announcement: “Dr. Denise is on the Advisory Board of the Hollywood Creative Academy as Creative Minds Advisor referring educators and bridging strategic relationships in film, music, fashion and new media.” To hear more about the Hollywood Creative Academy listen to the interview with Matt Coleman Right HERE.

“Healing is a LOVE AFFAIR” ~Dr. Franco Lenna

What an ABSOLUTE honor to share this sacred time space dimension with Dr. Franco Lenna. The synergy, synchronicity and the kindred spirit heart energy resonates throughout this PARADIGM PROGRESSION interview…. Ready, SET… GO! Listen: Dr Franco Lenna MD, University of Milan Italy graduated with honors Magnum cum laude – PHD obtained by La Jolla […]

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