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Let’s Get Vulnerable about the Realities of Suicide with Psychiatrist Joyce Spurgeon M.D.: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Dr. Joyce Spurgeon shares her personal loss of her closest childhood friend, Jeannie. We go back in time to the exact moment that she found out this devastating news. We discussed the feelings of despair, hopelessness and burden someone feels when they decide they can no longer stay on earth. This is a vulnerable episode […]

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Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: On Staying Sane

Dr. Denise’s “On Staying Sane” podcast tackles Suicide Awareness and Prevention month. But we will dig much deeper than the normal list of potential warning signs. We talk about the Hot Potato Game, what do if you have a genetic mental health challenge and shame and suicide. Dr. Denise provides some practical tips and tools […]

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