High Powered Stress Part 2… Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Paul Sheesley

What an honor to have Paul Sheesley back during mental health awareness month!

Paul Sheesley and Dr. Denise reveal the power of vulnerability in sharing your mood and high stress state professionally and personally.

The conversation turned to modern day cancel culture, the power of words, thoughts and actions with a deep dive on “Narcissism Mythbusting” that includes the shades of grey of malignant narcissism vs. healthy narcissism.

Tune in to this episode that celebrates the power of mindful awareness and healthy communication with one another:

Paul Sheesley, is a mental health practitioner with almost 20 years of experience in the field of clinical psychology and human behavior. He equips high-powered professionals, prominent couples, and families committed to healthy interpersonal relationships with personalized support, tailored treatment, and necessary steps to regain a balanced self that positively impacts all areas of life.
There are very few people who have more access to D.C.’s most powerful people than Paul Sheesley, a psychotherapist who empowers politicians and CEOs in Washington, D.C. to achieve balance in their personal and professional lives so they can reach their goals and make a significant impact.
Individuals empowered by his proprietary approaches to psychotherapy and counseling include NBA Stars, Foreign Diplomats, Reality TV Show Celebrities, Managing Partners and Founders, Lobbyists and Capitol-Hill Political Influences, and CEOs and CFOs of Top Fortune 500 Companies.   specialties include Schema Therapy, psychological assessment, personality and behavioral issues, addiction, and substance use, all of which are rooted in comprehensive psychotherapy and mental health training from leading institutions nationwide, including McDaniel College, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Towson University, Drexel University, The Center for Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy of New Jersey, and The New Jersey Schema Therapy Institute.