HOPEFUL News on Suicide Prevention Awareness with Michel Pascal: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Michel Pascal’s “Meditation for Daily Stress” has revolutionized meditation, offering immediate relief for daily stress situations. At Amity Foundation, this program has achieved remarkable results, with zero suicides and 100% positive feedback after sessions.
90% of parolees who practiced this meditation never return to jail, finding jobs and rebuilding their lives.
Michel Pascal
Spiritual author, Meditation expert, ‘The Medicine Voice’, Carnegie Hall performer, Inspiring teacher.
Michel Pascal, an accomplished author with 20 books on spirituality. He is the creator of Meditation for Daily Stress, designed for communities, prisoners, and veterans, and also serves as a teacher for Fortune 500 companies. His remarkable journey has been recognized by USA Today, which featured him for ‘The Evolution of Meditation’. Additionally, he is known as ‘The Medicine Voice’ for his captivating performances at Carnegie Hall since 2016. Michel Pascal will be performing at the Peace Day and Ecology event in Times Square on September 21, 2023. Joining him on stage are renowned musicians like Myron McKinley and US Presidential Candidate, Author, and Activist Marianne Williamson.