Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Cathleen O’toole

As Dr. Denise embarks on her Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond podcast series we thought it would be meaningful to dive in and ask some detailed questions about the term Neurostyle.  We learn about the FABULOUS FIVE components to the term.  Listen in as Dr. Denise can’t help herself and rounds it out to an even 6!  We’ll hear why others think the term is liberating and how it offers perspective to diagnoses and processing styles.  Infinite Radical Self-Love is an idea to embrace, and Dr. Denise helps those of us who might struggle with it!   ~Cathleen O’Toole

Listen to Cathleen interview Dr. Denise on the “deep dive” on this concept and this series:

Cathleen O’Toole, Ascension Media’s Director of News and Communications, is an EMMY award-winning journalist based in South Florida.  With two decades of reporting under her belt, Cathleen believes in hopeful, respectful story-telling.  For years she has fought for a cure as a Board Member with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

SHOW NOTES from Instagram @DrDeniseMD  9/2/21
“WE all process and perceive information in OUR own Unique Way.
Our “Neurostyle!”
(Term I coined & presented at the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Medical Society 2018)
We are Multdimensional BEings.
Our neurostyle includes our material dna 🧬 & ethereal dna.
Energetically (6th Sense. Intuition. INTEGRATION of HIGHER LOVE) 
I EXPERIENCE all of US as Multidimensional Energy BEings that have varying Multisensory Awarenesses at any given point of Right Now ♾❤️♾.
 This includes the linear, the nonlinear, Newtonian & Quantum Understanding of the Universe , the seen and unseen energy as a continuum and ASCENSION of #ALLKIND in the Universe.
P.S. I ❤️ you
(Nerd Alert post…)!” ~ Dr. Denise