Diva Discussions: NOT Having IT! With Mystery Diva…


Mystery Diva is a serial entrepreneur and is passionate about justice and her phrase “NOT HAVING IT” serves as her mantra in her business and personal life.

Together WE give tips, tools and more on setting clear boundaries:

Here it is:

Era of The Sociopath 

Lies, Liars and Lying

The Alchemy of the Betrayal

Tips in the show:

  1. Trust must be earned…
  2. Do you give too many chances?
  3. When they ASK for $$$/REDFLAGS
  4. The Power of NO!
  5. Get a background check
  6. Don’t Drink the SocioPath KOOLAID!
  7. It Can Happen to Anyone…
  8. Have an amazing PI on hand…
Mario E. Bertuccelli, MBA (PI)
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