Entrepreneur Mindset Profile with Dr. Jennifer Hall: Creative Mindset Series

Are you ready for a deep dive on winning mindset and the many flavors of what being an entrepreneur can look like?

In my mind prep for a networking event I came across Dr. Jennifer Hall’s body of work and her contributions to developing the Entrepreneur Mindset Profile.  I love her organic process, scientific method and evolution as a solopreneur.

You will too.

This episode takes you on what inspired Dr. Hall’s  journey of  “getting the data” on what makes leaders thrive inside and outside of corporate America.

We engage in a myth busting discussion on all aspects of accessing your own ‘Inner Entrepreneur Spirit” and how we can all tap into our unique gifts!


Dr. Jennifer Hall an executive coach, psychologist, workshop facilitator, coach supervisor and assessment author. Jen spent almost 20 years as a coaching talent manager—selecting, developing and managing executive coaches—for the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and one of its Network Associates. In 2015, she launched her own business, Mindset Coaching. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP), one of the two assessments Jen co-authored, measures 14 dimensions that have been found to distinguish business owners from corporate managers. The Coaching Mindset Index® (CMI), available in both self-report and 360-degree formats, enables leaders and organizations to understand and enhance the strategies they use to grow and develop their staff. Jen is a 2019 graduate of the Oxford Brooks Coaching Supervision Programme. A Board Certified Coach, Jen holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Connecticut and a B.S. in Psychology from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.  She lives with her husband and two children in North Carolina.