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Are you ready to be INSPIRED by Dr. Denise Berger, Founder of Aliki Designs?


About Founder of Aliki Designs, Dr. Denise Berger

Having spent nearly 20 years spearheading global Fortune 500 business, I shifted gears >10 years ago. I went back to school and completed a doctorate in education – organizational leadership, with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility.  This led me to my work as an adjunct faculty in a graduate level program for social change and entrepreneurship, as well as consulting for-profits and non-profits. Always having a personal passion for jewelry and supporting business with purpose, I started AlikiDesigns. I believe in leadership that is ethical, intelligent and purpose-driven, cultivating a thriving society for all.*

* If you have a pulse, you can be this kind of leader!

I truly enjoy setting people and organizations in motion to achieve their full potential, and I am so happy that I can also now promote positive intentions through each of the Aliki designs. Mindful of building a business with a GIFt (Giving It Forward Together), each collection has a carefully curated beneficiary who receives a percentage of what you spend. Quite consciously, I want to invite the conversation about how much organizations truly give by making our GIFt transparent to you, the customer.  If you look carefully at other organizations, you will find that many of them give a percentage of proceeds (that is, they give a percentage of their profit, netting out expenses. Customers, therefore, don’t really know how much money on their purchase amount is given to a cause).  I intend to continue this conversation as well as expand the GIFt program into active strategies within the community.  Stay tuned!

Want to hear more on my story? Watch this short 4 minute excerpt from a recent interview on Good Morning La La Land!

The Aliki One Story:

Dr. Berger and Dr. Denise correlated this one-of-a-kind collection intended to inspire higher consciousness along with mental health and wellbeing.  Made of sterling silver 925, these designs are unique, creative, metaphoric, substantive, and packed with meaning.  Our story with AlikiOne is unique and is the result of transformational journeys to India and Nepal.  The designs are high impact – carrying intentional vibrational energy that promotes a collective thriving for all.  #InspireAll  #OneHumanity Here about this co-creation on the Dr. Denise podcast:

And like our other collections, once you put on an AlikiOne Design you won’t want to take it off. Wear it swimming, showering, exercising, working, playing, relaxing, sleeping and even with your black tie… Anywhere. Anytime. #Alikiwear.


GIFt: Partnerships for Change’s Lama Tenzin’s Orphanage
21% of the price you pay.

Lama Tenzin Choegyal from the Dolpo Region of the Himalayas is an unassuming hero for lost and forgotten children. He is known to trek 10 hours/day for 20 – 30 days while climbing over altitudes of 18,000 feet of treacherous conditions. He finds the children who have been cast from their homes due to spiritual beliefs or neglect and brings them to his orphanage. There, he has created a safe and loving home where they grow and flourish, and have access to private school education and professional opportunities. He is embarking on a new project called the “PinkPad.” Women in the villages are often sent away during their menses and have no access to any comforts. He is raising money for the equipment to manufacture and package supplies that the girls at the orphanage will help design and distribute.

To learn more about Lama Tenzin’s forward-thinking and heroic work, follow this link:


* This venture is paid the total collected at year end.
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