Creative Minds Series with Film Director and Producer

“You HAVE to ASK!” ~ Bill Bennett, Film Director and Producer.

Australian Award Winning Film Director and Producer Bill Bennett is with US from across the globe to wrap up the Fall Creative Minds Series.



This is my equivalent of “THE UNIVERSE SUPERBOWL!”

Together we travel back in time to explore his creativity, inspiration and series of AHA moments that shaped his remarkable journey of storytelling throughout his illustrious career.

PGS- Intuition is your Personal Guidance System is the feature length theatrical documentary on INTUITION that Bill directed and produced that will open your mind, heart and soul to explore your UNIQUE GUIDANCE SYSTEM (AKA your sixth sense)!

“Stop. Listen. Trust. Ask. Follow.”

“First Thought, BEST Thought!”

(Bill’s Words of Wisdom)

Join Bill and I on this ASCENSION Interview and be inspired to stay OPEN, Aware and CURIOUS to reach you own thrive mind, body, soul:



Bill Bennett 

Bill Bennett’s career in film spans four decades. He’s made sixteen feature films and several documentaries. His work as a feature producer and director has been recognised with two Australian Film Institute Awards, for Best Film and Best Director. He’s had two feature films in Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival, four films in selection at Toronto and won Best Picture at Karlovy Vary, Palm Springs and Hawaii film festivals.

His work has screened at the New York Museum of Modern Art, and he’s had three major international retrospectives. Recently Bill wrote, produced and directed a feature length theatrical documentary on intuition. PGS –  Intuition is your Personal Guidance System. The film screened to sell-out crowds across Australia and the US.

He’s currently making a companion film on fear, called Facing Fear.

@billbennettoz (IG)