Meet Mental Health Advocate, Author and Entrepreneur Vince A. Lanci

It is an absolute honor to launch this interview on the same day as his book release!

Vince INSPIRES me. He is a true warrior of kindness, inspiration and mental wellness for ALL!

Meet him and find out about “Mr. Lanci Talks Mental Health Book” right here:

Vincent A. Lanci earned his MBA from The University of Tampa and currently resides in
Tampa, Florida. He is an author, entrepreneur, mental health champion, and host of his podcast,A Mental Health Break with Vincent A. Lanci. After surviving the hit-and-run accident, he has been relentless in advocating for mental health awareness. He has now created the book, Mr. Lanci Talks Mental Health, to help break down stigmas associated with mental health further.


‘Mr. Lanci Talks Mental Health Book’
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