The Ascension Show Three:Integration: We Aspire to Inspire ALL

The Ascension Show Three

Integration: We Aspire to Inspire All!


Be unapologetically you!  That’s the battle cry of our amazing guest Matt Sarafa.  A fashion designer and influencer, this 22-year-old wunderkind shows us how to bring out our inner spirit to become the fullest version of ourself.  From Matt’s fashion to his attitude, we will explore the Universal Truth of Integration as it balances the masculine and feminine energy that is ever-present in our world.  Our Ascension Media Team also talks about the integration of mind, soul and spirit — the multi-dimensional aspects of each one of us.  Look for us to tackle the Vote 2020 and how we can all integrate together to give the nation the gift of our vote.  And we’ll have a full-on Diva Discussion — you’ll want to see what that’s all about.  No matter your age be ready to be your own best friend, connected to your best self, to feel well, to feel peace — we’ll help you set the stage for it all!  We aspire to #InspireALL!

Anchors:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Jennifer Shaffer, Dr. Andrea Best, Cathleen O’Toole

Executive Producers:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Cathleen O’Toole

Associate Producer:  Katherine Axiotis


            Vocals: Emily Eddins

            Producers: Dr. Denise McDermott, G. Beverly Bergmann, Emily Eddins

Graphic Artist:  Carolyn Honda

Live Guests: Matt Sarafa, Marjan Mamooie, G. Beverly Bergmann

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