Science, Spirituality, and Psychiatry

As you all know gratitude is my secret sauce! Thank you Kristin Sunanta Walker for all that you and your network due to change the way WE think, talk and act about mental health. It is an honor to have met you on this interview and now to have the Dr. Denise Show be a part of Mental Health News Radio Network!


Dr. Denise 

Join Kristin and Dr. Denise as they discuss her work as a child and adult psychiatrist, why she chose a profession in mental health, and the launch of her newest business venture: Ascension Media!

Dr. Denise McDermott, M.D. has been in private practice since 2001. As a medical doctor with board certifications in both Adult and Child Psychiatry, she treats children, adolescents and adults. Her goal is to empower you, your child, and your family to live the best life possible. Her approach is to encourage people to believe in wellness, not illness, and to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle.

In October of 2020, Dr. Denise launched Ascension Media which offers one-of-a-kind content that examines the world around us with the intention of raising our vibrational frequency through more mindful thoughts, feelings and actions.” ~ MHNRN

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