Dr. Denise Show Joins Mental Health News Radio Network

“The Dr. Denise Show – NEW to MHNR Network!  Dr. Denise McDermott is here to help change the way we think and discuss Mental Health.

Mental Health News Radio Network welcomes The Dr. Denise Show! Listen in to Dr. Denise McDermott to obtain your needed prescription of empowerment by helping to find your own multi-dimensional approach to mental wellness. Dr. Denise is here to help change the way people think, talk, and act about mental health with mind, body, and soul discussions.

“I honor and respect that each of us has our own unique way of processing and perceiving the world, or ‘neuro-style,’ a phrase I have coined that is a non-stigmatizing way to discuss your inner world or mindset. It is all-encompassing and includes the biological, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual aspects.”  – Dr. Denise McDermott

About Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 80 podcasts dedicated to all aspects of mental health and provides a mentally healthy environment to enjoy creative content as well. It is the world’s first, largest, and finest podcast network dedicated to all things mental health. Its Speakers’ Bureau and filmed series Mental Health Round Table allow it to further its mission to reach as many people in as many places as possible to encourage dialogue not only about mental health but other interesting topics provided in a mentally healthy way to help promote mental wellness.

About Dr. Denise & Ascension Media

Dr. Denise McDermott, M.D. has been in private practice since 2001. As a medical doctor with board certifications in both Adult and Child Psychiatry, she treats children, adolescents, and adults. Her goal is to empower all to live the best life possible. Her approach is to encourage people to believe in wellness, not illness, and to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle. As an integrative adult and child psychiatrist, Dr. Denise bridges Eastern and Western modalities of healing in order to help others go from ‘crisis’ to being able to thrive and reach their goals.

Learning a non-shaming way of handling difficult life situations while growing up, primarily through her father’s journey of sobriety, her parents nicknamed her their “little Ann Landers,” as she was always the go-to person for advice within her circle throughout her life. Dr. Denise realized during her 3rd-year medical school rotations that mental wellness was key for optimum health which brought her into the psychiatric field. Dr. Denise adopted her son at birth and his neuro-style challenges and intuitive giftedness keep her day to day life hopping!  His exuberance keeps her young and connected to “Mission: Mental Wellness.”  To stay fit, creative, and sane she swims six to seven days a week as her own “mind medicine.” Check out her website here: www.drdenisemd.com.

Ascension Media is a multimedia company and a labor of love that is engaging minds and igniting opportunities.  Just this month, Dr. Denise, the company’s CEO, launched her new entity and her continued journey to be able to reach as many people and help them with their own journeys.  The company’s goal is to “Elevate the Human Spirit through Media.” The Dr. Denise Show is just a part of her path.  Dr. Denise refers to Ascension Media fondly as, “an Ascension energy space,”  and as a collaborative effort between Dr. Denise and several others that wish to help in maintaining this ‘energy space.’  Check out her website for more informationhttp://www.ascension.love.



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