The Bottom Line On Ketamine Use for Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and Pain with Dr. Austin Harris


This pandemic is allowing me to connect with amazing minds that really want to push the envelope and help people to reach their highest level of mental and physical health.

Dr. Harris reached out and we spoke one afternoon for 2 1/2 hours! I was blown away.


I am always wanting as many tools in the tool box for my patients and for all of US to be on the least amount of medicines and the least amount of doctors appointments to thrive.

Dr. Austin has > 10 years of clinical experience observing the effects and uses that ketamine has for helping patients in ways that modern science is just starting to embrace.

We need the clinical and the scientific data to back up new ways to treat depression, anxiety, addiction and pain.

Dr. Austin believes in a holistic approach to mental wellness that combines Western Medicine with a treatment team that honors prevention and optimal treatment for each unique individual.


Here is our interview and the “BOTTOM LINE” on KETAMINE USE:

Dr. Austin Harris is a board-certified cardiothoracic anesthesiologist.  He completed his Anesthesiology residency at University of California Irvine (UCI), and his Cardio-Thoracic Anesthesiology Fellowship at Keck Hospital of USC.  Even before beginning his private practice, Dr. Harris was finding that ketamine, a rarely used anesthetic tool, could have profoundly positive outcomes, when utilized with specific patients.  This sparked his in-depth research of ketamine’s previously obscure properties, and its remarkable potential in treating patients suffering from mental health, chronic pain, and addiction struggles.  Dr. Harris focused first on surgical patients presenting with unique mood, pain, and opioid dependency.   Then, after perfecting these techniques at medical offices across southern California, Dr. Harris formed NeuroRelief Ketamine & Infusion Therapy (Sherman Oaks, CA) to bring these successful results to the entire patient population.  This much needed service is now benefiting thousands of clients across the country.


Every client at NeuroRelief is independently assessed by combining objective tools with detailed phone and in person consultations (and also their loved ones).  Dr. Harris takes a very unique approach with his clients.  He believes in a “one-size-fits-one” approach to care.  Utilizing additional metrics than are normally applied, Dr. Harris is able to perfectly

tailor customized protocols, and unique additional resources, for every patient.  Dr. Harris is personally involved in every single treatment session, with every single client.  This unique dedication creates a very valuable relationship with each of our family of clients.  This allows a high degree of customization to ensure that each patient receives the perfect dosing regimen and experience.


By maintaining a large network of personally vetted physicians, including psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, pain management doctors, physical therapists, addiction recovery specialists, holistic wellness experts, and many others, Dr. Harris can combine his therapies with these additional resources, according to the needs of each client.  He believes strongly in the Integrative Medicine approach of mind and body, assisting each client in creating a personalized care-plan. In addition to ketamine infusion options, he also recommends mindfulness techniques, cognitive therapy, healthy nutrition, and other methods, to optimize each client’s progress towards their desired goals.  This is what NeuroRelief is all about!  Dr. Harris often states that “we are outcome-driven and goal-oriented”.  This careful attention to detail, by Dr. Harris and his entire care-team, achieves maximal benefit and success for each individual client.