Healthy Thoughts, Words & Actions

Our children are paying attention to the media, the news and to “US.” We are their role models. Their developing minds do not miss a beat. Every negative word, idea, or action is imprinted in their minds. So is every positive phrase, inspirational thought or act of kindness.

Our thoughts and actions shape our health and wellbeing on a cellular level.

Think of thoughts, words and actions as “MIND FUEL.” When I say “MIND” I am not limiting it to an individual’s brain. I am referring to our “Collective Mindset” as a human race.

We are living at a time in history where we have the science of quantum physics coupled with an understanding of neuroscience that supports the nonlocal influence and energy exchange from a distance of thoughts, intentions and actions.

Our words and actions carry a vibration. Everything is an energy exchange. Do you know how powerful that is?

Here are some mental health tips for all of “US” to remember and to teach our children:

  • Choose your words carefully in conversations and on social media.
  • Limit your exposure to toxic people, news, and social media.
  • Strive to be a role model to your peers and to OUR children.
  • Apologize if you speak in an unkind or unfair manner.
  • Acts of service and deeds of charity promote wellbeing.
  • Encourage your children to make eye contact and smile when greeting each other.
  • Find your mindfulness mantra throughout the day to stay on your “A” game.

Dr. Denise

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