Spiritual Blah Blah Blah

I’ve got your attention – right?

This title is not to be disrespectful of spiritual practices, it is to draw attention to the fact that many people talk about spirituality yet there is often a disconnect from the beginning practices to the action oriented end points – what a friend of mine calls, “Spiritual Blah Blah Blah.” That friend is Michel Pascal, author, meditation teacher, singer, producer, photographer and humanitarian.

Recently, I spent time getting to know Michel Pascal in person at one of his outdoor meditation spots in Los Angeles where we discussed our shared vision of the concept of integrative wellbeing or as he likes to call it “Emergency Wellbeing.” We both feel that it is an exciting time to be here on planet Earth as humanity is realizing how important it is for ALL of US as a collective to engage in acts of kindness (large or small) towards one another and to honor our environment.

Most of US are walking the walk by practicing acts of service and don’t even know that is a practice of being spiritual (being kind and humane.)

Do you smile at a stranger walking down the street? If someone is stranded on the side of a road would you stop to see if they were ok? Do you recycle whenever you can? Are you passionate about raising money for your community or another cause in the World? Do you send loving thoughts to yourself, your family, your friends, and the world? When you speak with someone do you make eye contact and listen intently?

I can list many more acts of kindness, acts of service, and thoughts of love that WE all do and might not even realize the healing POWER of our intentions and actions.

The unseen energy of love in every moment in every day makes a difference!

That is why in most of my blog posts, podcasts and conversations the concept of practicing a “mindful life” is part of the discussion. Practicing yoga, setting aside time for your practice of meditation are incredible wellness tools yet an integrated set of tools for your mind in your daily stress can keep you in your “thrive awareness zone” throughout your day.

On my show this week, Michel Pascal and I discussed the concept of practicing meditation and mindfulness is our every day stress. Michel is passionate about the revolutionary concept of training your brain to handle every day stress. To listen to our discussion on the practice of mindfulness in every day life go to https://www.drdenisemd.com/2016/11/podcast-michel-pascal/

Michel’s book “Meditation for Daily Stress:10 Practices for Immediate Well-Being” will be released in April of 2017! Go to michelpascal.tv to preorder your copy and for more insights and tools for emergency wellbeing.


  1. When individuals thrive WE all thrive.
  2. Mindset is everything.

For more tips and tools you can order: Mental Health and How to Thrive.

It was an honor to interview Michel!

Dr. Denise