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Healing After Love Fraud, Rocking A Betrayal with Donna Andersen

“My soul planned the entire debacle,” Donna Andersen, Founder of the Love Fraud platform. Are you ready to join Donna on her healing journey from love fraud by her ex-husband who swindled a quarter million dollars, was cheating on her with six other women, was a bigamist and impregnated another woman while still married to […]

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Staying Sane as WE mourn the tragedy in Las Vegas – Podcast Transcription

Dr. Denise: Hi everybody it’s Dr. Denise. The show is going to have a different format with everything going on in the world and the unimaginable tragedy in Las Vegas. I thought we’d just discuss some tips and tools and how to stay sane when we’re going through feelings of grief, loss, and processing unbelievable […]

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Emmy Award Winning T.V. News Reporter Cathleen O’Toole Interviews Dr. Denise – Podcast Transcription

By popular request the “Take Over Episode” interview of Dr. Denise by Emmy Award Winning T.V. News Reporter Cathleen O’Toole has been transcribed. Dr. Denise: This is the Dr. Denise Show. I’m doctor Denise McDermott, an adult and child psychiatrist, specializing in an integrated approach to mental health. I believe in prescribing the least amount […]

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