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Let’s Discuss Mindful Profanity!

Our words, thoughts and actions carry a vibrational frequency. Choose wisely! Repost 8/9/19 In my blog post entitled “Be Empowered! Our Words, Thoughts and Actions Matter” I discussed the power of words and how one FEELS when we use different words. I wanted to share how I talk about the topic of profanity in my office […]

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Meet Lovefraud.com Founder Donna Andersen: Rocking A Betrayal Series

Season 2 of Rocking A Betrayal is kicked off with Author of “Love Fraud: How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan” & Founder of Lovefraud.com! Donna says “Sociopaths hijack the human bonding system.” Three steps of a sociopath hunt: 1)Upon meeting their victims they assess “do they have anything they want?” 2)What are […]

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