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Creative Minds Series with TV Host and Producer Christine Blanchette

“Creativity fuels the soul…”~Dr. Denise The Spirit of Everyday Magic is what comes to mind as I introduce the next guest. Why? Christine Blanchette discusses her “running appointment” with herself as the foundation to reaching her AUTHENTIC SELF. Her devotion to self care, deep play, and her creative curious approach to LIFE as been the […]

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Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with G. Beverly Bergmann Part 1

It is an honor to have Beverly Bergmann join me for the September 2022 Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond Series. Bev shares her “aha moment” feeling of liberation and freedom on the cellular level and true integration of mind, body & soul with the concept of embracing her unique neurostyle. We also embraced what I […]

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