Creative Minds Series with TV Host and Producer Christine Blanchette

“Creativity fuels the soul…”~Dr. Denise

The Spirit of Everyday Magic is what comes to mind as I introduce the next guest.


Christine Blanchette discusses her “running appointment” with herself as the foundation to reaching her AUTHENTIC SELF.

Her devotion to self care, deep play, and her creative curious approach to LIFE as been the embodiment of her UNIQUE Intuitive Golden Thread in all the hats she wears as a Writer, Host, Producer, Coach, Daughter, Friend and Creator.

Ready to be INSPIRED?!

Meet Christine:

“Be who you are there is no-one like you.” Christine Blanchette

Christine Blanchette is a nationally published health and fitness/lifestyle writer. She writes a weekly column in Quebec’s second largest English language newspaper, The Sherbrooke Record and freelances for other notable publications. In addition, Christine is the creator, producer, and host of Run With It, which is Canada’s only running, fitness and health show, airing on Novus (TELUS) TV and YouTube channel. Christine’s other show on Novus (TELUS) TV and YouTube channel is The Closing Act, which profiles musicians, and other movers and shakers in the entertainment industry.
Christine is a regular contributor for Livid Magazine, NY City, and has written stories for The Seattle Times, The Vancouver Sun, Snowshoe Magazine, Canadian Running Magazine, Huffington Post, Women’s National Post, Optimyz Magazine, iRun Magazine and Get Out There Magazine. When she isn’t busy hosting and writing she is running instructor at the University of British Columbia.