Don’t Drink The Sociopath Koolaid

“Just say no to drinking the sociopath koolaid.” (IG POST 11/14//22)
Dr. Denise
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I was profiled/targeted in 2017 by a sociopath.
Judgment won 2018.
FBI contacted 2019.
Others warned.
Ponzi Scheme (ish).
Burner phones.
Threats.(life threatening)
A knock on my door recently happened again related to this case.
Matrix style.
It was a “red pill vs blue pill” moment.
I called BS in lightning ⚡️ speed.
Someday the ENTIRE story will be revealed, all in Divine Time.
I was undersestimated.
Just go to “The Alchemy of Betrayal” episode~ there are multiple episodes and links to #hewhoshallnotbenamed
The Mastery of such an experience by going INTO the suffering to ALCHEMIZE into > LOVE is the SWEET SPOT.
#alchemy #everythingisenergy
I have had many guardian angels along the way.
2022 has been NEXT LEVEL as I Absolutely Tolerate NO BS.
Be AWARE when someone’s words, thoughts and actions do NOT match up.
Remember to TRUST your Intuition & get the DATA.
Surround yourself with others with a VIBRATIONAL MATCH of INTEGRITY.
Stay Tuned.
#ININ #IN #Integrity