It is important to pause, reflect and Ssssssssh yourself.
Ask yourself:
Am I staying on track with my family, personal and professional goals?
How is my mental, physical and spiritual health?
How are my relationships with friends & family?
How do I want to finish 2022 strong?
Am I staying ININ?
In Integrity to myself and others? #ININ
I have had recent ascension media incubator team meetings in the last few weeks with the intention of finishing 2022 strong & with grace and ease moving into 2023.
I did a show end of September on my “On Staying Sane” series with my co~host Cathleen O’Toole “Focused Intention to Manifestation” and received a thumbs up from listeners on the tips and “quantum hacks” to manage everyday life.
With 111 shows so far this year and the honor of being in the finals in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards out of 5.7 million listeners in the category “Skeptics Guide To Science and Medicine” I am deep diving on my own WHY of creating content that mirrors the wisdom I have as an adult and child psychiatrist, intuitive and mother of a charismatic teen.
I just reviewed my intentions of producing ascension media:
Ascension Media will help people use their own energy of suffering and use all the gifts of their own Higher Self to go from crisis to thriving. Love wins. Love conquers fear. Don’t mistake kindness for weakness.”
With humility and gratitude I feel like my intentions and manifestations are on path as a Mom, Doctor, Producer.
Yesterday was a very emotional day as a Mother.
My son is at a school called Reach Middle School that honors his unique Neurostyle. He is thriving there, yet when I look at his test results at his Individual Education Plan at his triennial review my heart and mind are filled with emotions of “how does he do it?”
His journey of success and all it takes for him to process his environment is humbling. He is my teacher, my hero, my inspiration.
All that is in motion for the rest of 2022 will elevate and celebrate the Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond Vision!