Creative Minds with Dr. D Berger EdD


Dr. D is back to push the envelope on discussing corporate social responsibility, values, code of conduct, and leading with dignity.

Let’s GO:


A society grows great when old people plant trees whose shade they know they will shall never sit in.” – Anonymous ancient Greek proverb.

Dr. Denise Berger (Dr. D.) is an advisor and educator, focused on organizational leadership and effectiveness, corporate social responsibility, and talent development. By collaborating, educating, and lending expertise and strategic guidance, and educating, she strives to develop ethical, responsible, adaptive, inclusive leaders* who achieve their goals while cultivating positive change and a thriving society for all.

*If you have a pulse, you can be this kind of leader.

Much of Dr. D’s work focuses on fine-tuning organizational culture, building leadership skills, creating inclusion and belonging, and optimizing team efficacy around outcomes. She spent over 20 years in corporate America running the global operations of the Fortune 500 clients, received an MBA in Marketing and International Business, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. She has expertise in social responsibility, risk management, international business, talent development with a special emphasis on women, and succession planning.

She presently teaches Leadership & Service, in the Social Entrepreneurship & Change Master’s Program at Pepperdine University, and previously taught Program Evaluation in the same program, and Leading Inclusive Organizations in Vanderbilt University’s Leadership and Learning in Organizations Doctoral Program. She also volunteers her time with Social Justice Partners LA to coach social entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. She has helped participants craft their pitch, coach TEDx speakers and Annenberg/CNN Hero awardees.

She is also the founder and designer of Aliki Designs – Greek-inspired, handcrafted, everyday elegant jewelry, with different collections that each have special meaning and a financial GIFt (Giving It Forward together) to select non-profits. Originally a resident for 17 years of New York City, Denise has resided in Manhattan Beach with her husband (and two children, who are now in college) for 15 years.

She has authored articles, scholarly work, blog posts, and appeared on the radio and in podcasts. Her organizational work can be found at and her jewelry can be found at

Dr. D’s Core Values:

  • Learning: to nurture discovery and understanding
  • Well-being:  to ensure balance and gratitude
  • Connection: to promote collaboration and mutuality
  • Responsibility: to promote trust and citizenship
  • Fun: to increase joy and vitality

Dr. D’s articles:

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