Spirit Check 2021 with World Renowned Medium Jennifer Shaffer

As we close out this unimaginable 2020 it is a good time for a “spirit check” with yourself and for all of US as a collective.

Awareness, self love and altruism are essential for OUR wellbeing and integrated discussions about how to apply these Universal Truths allow all of us to find our thrive in any moment.

“ASK JEN to do and interview”  was what dropped into my awareness yesterday.

I was honored and excited when she said “YES!”


Jennifer Shaffer is a world-renowned Psychic Medium. She has been on numerous television shows as well as her cases have been profiled on 20/20, Buzzfeed, Dr. Phil, and Oxygen. Jennifer donates her time to law enforcement and families of victims, by assisting with criminal cases and helping find answers.

Are you ready for what Spirit wants US to know to navigate 2021 ahead?

Listen to this inspiring interview with Jennifer Shaffer: