Activism in Action: Matt Sarafa and PETA Collaboration!

Matt Sarafa and PETA Collaboration

Fashion ICON Matt Sarafa and PETA are embodying what I believe the “NEW NORM” should be: ACTIVISM in ACTION!

Matt and Ashley Byrne (Associate Director of PETA ) are so passionate & proud when they talk about the new Matt Sarafa  faux fur line of bomber jackets and masks on this week’s show.


The launch represents a shared vision of raising awareness for animal welfare, speciesism and saying “enough is enough” with inhumane ways of treating our furry friends.

This is an episode that will inspire you to take action and take a look at the FABULOUS new line of faux fashion & 15% of all net proceeds goes to PETA.

Check out!

Guests: Matt Sarafa & Ashley Byrne

Surprise Guests: Tina Sarafa and Jennifer Shaffer

Executive Producer: & Host: Dr. Denise McDermott

Associate Producer: Katherine Axiotis

Music: Emily Eddins (Em Amíe), “Signature Song/Dr. Denise”

Graphic Artist: Carolyn Honda