Ascension Media Launch

To truly understand how science, spirituality and wellness shape The Evolution of Ascension Media, it is best to hear directly from our Founder and CEO, Dr. Denise, MD.


Tell us how the term ASCENSION is critical to your vision for your company.

“It’s a thinking and a mindset that in anything we do we achieve the highest level of success.  Ascension is actually it’s own embodiment of a thought process — a way of thinking, always doing better and healing.  Even the word company, those are old words.  Ascension Media is less of a physical place and more of an energy space where you’re sharing with like minds ways that you can inspire one another by working together in a shared mission statement, but also then getting positive messages out to the world.” – Dr. Denise

You are very specific that Ascension Media was “ethereally birthed.”  What does this mean?

“It was really conceptualizing how can I be an influencer to all people on Earth, All Kind, so to speak, in a way that’s genuine and authentic.  I knew the new paradigm is that I do the work.   I show through my actions, my media involvement, my influencing engagements, my product development and the relationships I’ve made that I’m literally being a true influencer, not just based on what society says an influencer is.   I made decisions about my brand, Dr. Denise MD, with intention.  One big important part of my brand strategy was to show by doing, the level of diversity I have — being entertaining at times, being kind of the geek self, the scientific woman, revealing, over time, all the dimensions of who I am.” – Dr. Denise

Tell us about the Ascension Team…

“It’s like an Energy Tribe, Inspirational Team, Earth Angels, Sexy Justice Machines and Wellness Champions all rolled in.  They collectively spread light, inspire and energetically stand in a space of integrity, love, compassion in action and their deeds are an embodiment of their virtues; hence our Ascension Team was born.” – Dr. Denise

As the Founder of Ascension Media, tell us about your vision for entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

“I believe in leading by example and healing by example.  My Dr. Denise MD brand is engaged in consciousness products.  My Aliki One jewelry emanates ancestral healing while giving back to the Children’s Educational Development Institute, an orphanage I support in India.  Ascension Media will advocate for corporate social responsibility by attracting projects of integrity and win-win solutions for clients who are pro-humanity and social justice for all.” – Dr. Denise

         What will Ascension Media strive to be?

    “We have no time to waste.  Earth is suffering.  Humanity is suffering.  We are at spiritual war  with mindsets of greed, fear-based thinking, hate, rape and prejudice.  What we are striving for is a better Earth, because Earth is suffering.  I know how to teach people, as a doctor, from being suicidal to staying on the planet.  How ASCENSION MEDIA is going to be different is, we will literally help people use their own energy of suffering and use all the gifts of a higher power, God or their own self to go from crisis, to stabilization, to thrive.  Love wins.  Love conquers fear.  Don’t mistake kindness for weakness.” – Dr. Denise