Dr. Denise Episode 50 A Mental Health Break with Vince A. Lanci The Podcast

It was an absolute honor to be back on Vince A. Lanci’s Show! Vince is a true mental health warrior! He will be launching his book soon and it will be an honor to have him on the Dr. Denise Show!


Let’s hear directly from Vince:

This podcast is all things MENTAL HEALTH!

EPISODE #50! Thank you to all of the listeners for your continued support.

After Host Vincent A. Lanci suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and into recovery, he learned that he needed to prioritize my mental health. And his goal for this podcast is to help you do so, too! His new book, Mr. Lanci Talks Mental Health, is a few weeks away!

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Would it add value to your life to hear mental health professionals and advocates share their authentic stories related to mental health? If so, this is the perfect podcast for you!

For the 50th episode and 7th episode of Season 3, Vincent A. Lanci brings on Award-Winning Director, Dr. Denise McDermott. 

She is returning from Episode #1! She is the 2nd of 8 episodes of COVID TALKS.
She is also starring in Lanci’s new book, Mr. Lanci Talks Mental Health.

For COVID TALKS episodes, Lanci will discuss all things mental health relating to COVID-19.

She has been in private practice since 2001. As a medical doctor with board certifications in both Adult and Child Psychiatry, she treats children, adolescents and adults. Her goal is to empower you, your child, and your family to live the best life possible. Her approach is to encourage people to believe in wellness, not illness, and to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Her incredible work has led her to creating the worldwide brand, in, Dr. Denise.

Get ready to improve your mental health as soon as the episode begins.

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