Dr. Denise & Matt Coleman Talk Evolving World of Education, Tech & More

By Cathleen O’Toole


            Matt Coleman, producer, director and all-around tech wizard, joins us on this episode of The Dr. Denise Show.  The Australian native shows us how a career can build step-by-step to evolve as the world of technology and entertainment do so at warp speed.  Matt shares fascinating stories of working with Warner and Sony Entertainment and the big stars those companies had in their stables.  But he also explains how it can be time to pivot in life and how to take experience and intuition to keep moving oneself forward.

            His latest project, the newly-launched Hollywood Creative Academy, is especially relevant in today’s world.  Matt and Dr. Denise talk about this innovative concept and how experts in the worlds of Music, Film & TV, Fashion and Digital Entertainment will be offering insider knowledge into the secrets to success in their genre.   The discussion takes on the tough topic of how today’s students are being educated in this time of pandemic and the value and short-comings of traditional university degrees.  Dr. Denise weighs in on these better, mind-challenging uses of screen time.  And finally, our listeners won’t leave this show without getting to learn Matt’s “Seven Secrets of Success in Hollywood.”


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Matt Coleman Biography


Matt has over 25 years of experience in entertainment and technology. He has been awarded several emerging technology awards and launched Magnify World, one of the world’s first augmented and virtual reality companies in 2014.


The Magnify Business Summit attracted over 6,000 delegates and launched in Toronto, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and represented the company in Shanghai and Chengdu in 2017 with local governments.


In addition, the Magnify Business Summit showcases world-class AR/VR/mixed reality experiences in a range of industry sectors including film and TV, advertising/branding, education, tourism, sports and live events. The event has attracted start-ups at the cutting edge of innovation to fortune 500 companies such as Google, HP, Snap, Oculus, HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, NHL, Paramount Pictures/Viacom, WETA and many more.


Matt has also been working on the future of education since mid-2019 working on a new immersive e-learning platform called The Hollywood Creative Academy (www.hollywoodcreativeacademy.com). The academy offers students direct access to world-leading experts in the fields of music, film/tv, fashion, and digital entertainment.


In 2020, he became a director and co-founder of Play Tally (www.playtally.com) with Russell Wilson (NFL) and Jeff Bezos, a fan engagement innovation using free to play prediction web-based experiences powered by pari-mutuel software.


Matt also co-founded ARIVAL (www.arival.co), a company that uses augmented reality to engage fans offering real time player and game stats in the stadium and at home through their digital devices. The company won the prestigious Hype Innovation global technology award at the 2017 Commonwealth Games against hundreds of companies. Hype holds the largest accumulation of sports starts up worldwide.


Matt has been a regular on stage moderator and keynote speaker and has presented in Shanghai at the Yangpu Innovation Forum as a guest of the local government alongside Ali Sports, other highlights include Canadian Music/Tech Week in 2018/2019, NAMM keynote and DEW Los Angeles. He has also negotiated government partnerships in Australia, New Zealand, China and Canada.


Previously, Matt worked for Warner and Sony entertainment for 12 years launching many global stars including Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pantera, Michael Crawford, Jonny Cash, Billy Joel, INXS, and many more. Post Warner he then founded sports mobile company Txtstation (interactive TV mobile marketing company) and raised over $6 million in venture capital and sold the company in March 2011 to San Diego North American company CommerceTel.


Matt launched Txtstation into the European/North American markets and moved to New York and Los Angeles where he successfully set up the first telecommunication connections to 250 million cell phones and sold the company’s original contracts with the FIFA World Cup, SKY TV Italy for the Champions League, Fox USA, KCAL and KCBS USA, Time Warner (TNT Sports) and worked with the various leagues in the USA such as the NBA via their broadcast deals.


Matt is also an exclusive member of the Hollywood based Advanced Image Society, the organization represents world-leading immersive technologies centered around the future of film and television production. The society was founded by Disney, Dreamwork’s, Sony, Paramount, IMAX and Dolby. (https://theadvancedimagingsociety.com/about/)


www.magnifyworld.com www.hollywoodcreativeacademy.com www.playtally.com